Architectural Trends 2020 – What Does the New Year Hold For Homebuilding Hopefuls?

Architecture is the defining feature of any home, and on a grander scale, any city or country. A memorable feat of architecture captures time and transcends generations. Being surrounding by thoughtfully designed buildings and homes is a desire we all share, whether you are building or not. If 2020 holds aspirations of building your dream home, then it could be time to familiarise yourself with the architectural trends that are shaping future communities and cities.

Industrial style comes home

Industrial style architecture has been creeping its way into commercial, hospitality and even event spaces, but it’s also something to consider for residential homes. It’s clear to see why new home builders are looking to transform their homes with industrial style architecture, as the spaces are airy, expansive and designed with minimal structure and materials. If this sounds like the direction you want to take your build, then ensure that you have a large space to work with which can accommodate lofty heights and a wide layout.

Connectivity integration

Homeowners have long separated technology and design, believing both didn’t belong in the same discussion. 2020 will entirety rock the boat, with home builders integrating connectivity into all architectural designs. Home by Google and Alexa by Amazon have revolutionised the way we interact at home, with these smart home technologies only scratching the surface of what is possible in the future. There is also a slanting trend towards having technology out of sight in a home. There was a time when speakers and TV’s were proudly displayed prominently in the home, but now they are seamlessly hidden around the home and appear at the push of a button by descending from a roof, wall or by sound.

Highlighting the bathroom and kitchen

Homemakers may turn their noses up at the notion of making the bathroom and kitchen hero rooms in a home, but expect to see more of this in 2020. Bathrooms don’t need to be closed off from the rest of the home, instead, they should be taking on the identity of a spa. Plants, amenities and reclining stations are finding their way into this once-cold room, choosing to hero the idea of self-care over facility. The kitchen is also taking the mainstage, with most architectural trends favouring a large space with dramatic accents.

More light

Homeowners don’t need to be sold on the advantages of natural light, but it seems that this will be pushed even further in 2020, with entire walls being replaced with glass. Even skylights are expanding to cover a larger portion of the roof to allow for greater lighting. Many popular architectural styles, like industrial and contemporary, lend themselves to this persuasion. If you’re planning to build in the new year, assess where the sun falls and at what time so that you can design a home that captures every beautiful ray.

Mixed themes and textures

2020 is all about experimenting with different themes and textures, so expect to see some creativity. Wood, carpet, tiling and concrete can work together seamlessly with the right build design, and 2020 is all about seeing this cohesion at play. If you have your heart set on a minimalist stone kitchen but want a splash of colour, then achieve it with a distressed wood bench. There is no rule book for themes and textures in the new year, so don’t leave any ideas on the table.

Homebuilding hopefuls will be overwhelmed by the creative concepts that are possible for a new build. Do your due diligence and speak with a home builder that understands design possibilities in 2020, and come away with something that is entirely unique.