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Are you considering Laser Mole Removal? Check if you’re the Right Candidate for Laser Treatments

If you have moles, they may need to be removed if they’re abnormal. Ideally, it would help if you remove suspicious moles and then get them examined for cancer cells.

This will make it easy to detect potential melanoma at its early stages for easy management. Aesthetically, you may also need to remove moles on your skin if you believe that they impact your aesthetic appeal.

There are several mole removal techniques, and one of them that stand out is the use of laser. Laser mole removal in Singapore isn’t a new trend either. Many beauty enthusiasts prefer it to other conventional mole removal techniques because of the quick recovery times it guarantees you.

Besides, it is quick, with every mole requiring just 5 minutes to be removed. Here’s the catch; laser mole removal isn’t for everybody.

This means that if you consider this mole removal technique, you will have to pass the medical assessments that your dermatologist may recommend. Keep reading this mini guide to see if you’re a good candidate for laser mole removal.

How to check if you’re the Ideal Candidate for Laser Mole Removal

The most foolproof way of determining if you’re the right candidate for laser removal is by scheduling a consultation with your skin doctor. During the appointment, the practitioner will examine your overall health and moles before recommending the treatment. Here are seven factors that will determine whether this treatment is appropriate for you or no.

Your Overall Health

Laser mole removal may be recommended for you if you’re an adult with good health generally. This implies that you should expect the dermatologist to examine the moles on your skin and ask a few questions about your medical history and family history of medical concerns, including skin cancer.

If, during the examination, the skin doctor established that your moles have indicators for skin cancer, they will recommend an alternative way to remove it instead of laser mole removal. Importantly, you should inform the doctor if you have any underlying medical issues or a history of skin cancer so they may recommend the best treatment alternatives to remove the moles.

If you fancy a Scarless Treatment

Laser mole removal stands out compared to other conventional treatments because of the lesser risks of scarring it poses to patients. It achieves this because, the laser energy used here doesn’t cause significant injury or damage directly to your skin.

Instead, it only targets the pigment in the mole to break it down and clear it from your skin. There is no cutting or incisions involved during this treatment, something which also greatly reduces your risks of developing an infection on the treatment points.

Ideally, the only concern would be if you tend to get keloid scars from skin injuries. If this is the case, you will need to inform the skin doctor to come up with the best ways of reducing your risks of developing keloid scars after treatment.

If the Moles doesn’t Run Deep into your Skin

Laser mole removal may not effectively eliminate moles that run deep into the skin. Therefore, if you have moles that reach deep into your skin’s dermal layer, there is a risk of that mole turning into melanoma.

Therefore the dermatologist may not recommend laser mole removal but an alternative treatment, for example, excision that would effectively extract all pigments in your moles. This means that laser treatment would be the best fit for you if your moles are raised above your skin, smaller or flatter.

From your consultation and assessment of the moles, a qualified skin doctor should be able to determine how deep the mole has run into your skin. It may not be a good idea to shave off your moles at home.

It is generally not recommendable because if your mole had skin cancer, there is a risk of the cancer cells staying in your skin or even spreading further. Besides, you may also disfigure the skin area where the mole developed and end up with an unsightly scar on that area. Finally, if you used an unsterilized object or poorly shaved the mole, you may also get a skin infection which may be even more stressful to deal with.

If your Pain Tolerance Levels are Low

We all have varying pain tolerance levels. Laser mole removal presents you with a lesser painful experience when removing the moles than cryosurgery, shave incisions, and surgical cutting.

It only targets the mole’s pigments leaving the surrounding skin intact. To minimize discomfort even more, you will be given a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable and reduce the feeling to a mild tingling sensation.

The only exception is after your treatment. Most patients experience swelling and mild burning sensation, which most patients find bearable.

To avoid complications that would impact your recovery, the dermatologist will give you essential aftercare guidelines, some of which may limit you from activities you used to engage in for some time. Importantly, there are also foods and drinks you may also need to avoid for a few days to allow your skin enough time to recover.

Will Dermatologist Remove Mole on First Visit?

Your dermatologist may help you remove mole even on the first visit. After examining the moles and ascertaining that you are a good candidate for laser mole removal, they can eliminate it on the first visit.

This may be influenced by your medical history and lifestyle. If you have moles that spread on several areas of your skin, you may need a second visit to remove all the moles. Here’s what you can expect during laser mole removal;

  • The treatment area will be cleaned, so you do not get an infection after the mole has been removed.
  • The dermatologist will then use a topical anesthetic to numb the skin around the mole, so you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure and immediately after the treatment.
  • Once the treatment is complete, the dermatologist will explain aftercare guidelines and give you the green light to go back home once you’ve understood what to avoid and how to care for the treated area.

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Do you have moles which have become an aesthetic concern? It would help if you get them removed. If you fancy a painless procedure with no downtime, schedule your consultation with us now to see if you’re the right candidate for laser mole removal.