Argentina fans who went topless to celebrate victory in Qatar reveal artists painted their breasts

It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it! Argentina fans who made headlines around the world for going topless to celebrate victory in Qatar reveal they had artists paint their breasts for the occasion

  • An Argentina fan was spotted on TV taking off her t-shirt in a bold celebration
  • She has posted photos and a video of her and a friend being painted and then celebrating at the stadium 
  • Women travelling to Qatar are banned from wearing revealing or tight clothing 

An Argentina fan spotted by viewers taking off her top in a fiery celebration of Argentina’s victory over France has posted photos of her preparations on her Instagram account. 

On Sunday, after Gonzalo Montiel’s penalty kick, cameras turned towards the cheering Argentina fans and among them was one of the blonde girls pictured, who gave the cameras a little more than was expected. 

The blonde fan, who posts under the handle noe.dreams1, shared a photo of two lucky men applying blue and white paint in a hotel room. 

A video posted on the same account shows the fan and her topless friend jumping around jubilantly during the thrilling match. 

The two revellers can be seen in their hotel room posing for selfies wearing the blue and white paint on their exposed chests. 

Argentina fans cheer on their teams

Pictured: The fans cheer cheer on the team in the packed stadium 

Other videos taken of the proud fans show them celebrating with men in the crowd and heading off to dance into the early hours in a nightclub after the game. 

The noe.dreams1 Instagram account is full of similarly racy holiday snaps. 

In the lead up to the tournament, fans were warned that they would be required to respect Qatar’s strict, conservative customs.

Pictured: A lucky man helps the two prepare for the game

Pictured: Pre-match preparations

Pictured: A couple of lucky men help the friends prepare for the game 

Pictured: The two Argentina fans pose for selfies in a hotel room

The Qatar Tourism Authority stated: ‘Visitors (men as well as women) are expected to show respect for local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public. 

‘It is generally recommended for men and women to ensure their shoulders and knees are covered.’

In conservative Qatar, women are banned from wearing any revealing outfits such as tight clothing and from showing any cleavage. 

Non-Qatari women are not required to wear the abaya – a long, black robe that covers the figure almost from head-to-toe. 

But, tourists are to ensure that tops cover their midriff and shoulders, while skirts, dresses and trousers must hide the knees. 

The often glamourous WAGs were advised to wear scarves around their necks to cover up their chests.

One fan on social media said: ‘I spotted her, very brave! she’ll be arrested over there if she’s not careful…’

Another user said: ‘I’d be posting my boobs later to celebrate Messi and Argentina World Cup.’

Croatian model Ivana Knoll, 26, dubbed the World Cup’s ‘sexiest fan’ flouted the Muslim nation’s draconian dress code rules by wearing series of daring outfits including swimsuits, insisting she doesn’t fear arrest. 

Pictured: The fans outside of the celebrate ahead of a night of partying

Pictured: The fans outside of the celebrate ahead of a night of partying 

Argentina defeated France on Sunday in a spectacular game of football which showcased Argentina’s nimbleness and unbeatable skills. 

Just as star player Lionel Messi kissed the coveted golden trophy, he also landed a smooch from his his most loyal fan, wife Antonela Roccuzzo. 

The Argentine WAGS were seen taking selfies, cheering and re-uniting with their partners on the pitch to share the moment of glory. 

Meanwhile, for the French side, it was a crushing defeat at the final stage of the competition that even saw President Emmanuel Macron comforting his wife Brigitte Macron.