Army dog salutes handler who is retiring in China

  • Duo Duo saw its handler as he saluted his guard post for the last time in China
  • The army dog had been patrolling the camp but suddenly refused to leave
  • Touching pictures show it sitting up upright to show respect to the soldier

With their absolute loyalty, great senses and fast movements, dogs have been used as companions and colleagues for soldiers worldwide.

And this touching picture captures the incredible bond between an army dog and its handler. 

Duo Duo, a military dog in eastern China, sat up to salute its handler Wang Xudong who was about to retire.

A soldier’s best friend: Army dog Duo Duo shows respect to its retiring handler in China

The picture was taken on November 28 in Suqiang, Jiangsu Province, at the Siyang Squadron. 

Wang Xudong and his colleagues were saluting their guard post for the last time before their retirement, according to People’s Daily Online, citing China News Service.

Duo Duo, a German Shepherd, was put to patrol the camp at the time. It accidentally saw its handler.

It’s claimed that Duo Duo refused to leave Wang – despite being told to by Wang.

When Wang and his colleagues gave their last salute to the guard post, Duo Duo suddenly sat up on its hind legs appearing to salute Wang. 

Final salute: The dog had been patrolling the site, but it stopped as soon as it saw the soldiers

Final salute: The dog had been patrolling the site, but it stopped as soon as it saw the soldiers

The dog was said to do the posture spontaneously and it kept the posture for more than 10 seconds. 

Duo Duo didn’t put down its front legs until the group of soldiers finished saluting.

The picture has melted the hearts of thousands of people in China. 

On Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, one user said: ‘Some animals are more emotional than humans.’

While another person wrote: ‘Please treat army dogs well after they retire.’ 

Many other people expressed their love and respect for Duo Duo, as well as army dogs in general.