Arrested for a DUI in Ventura – Here is What You Should Do

If you’ve ever had a DUI, especially in Ventura County, then you may know how frightening things can be. They have a very strict system in place for driving under the influence, and you may (or may not) end up facing felony charges, especially if it’s not your first time getting in trouble. In either case, what’s important is that if you are one of those who are charged with a DUI, you may want to investigate hiring a personal DUI lawyer. These lawyers can even help you decrease your sentence, or even your punishment, and much more. Let’s talk about why you may want a DUI lawyer.

They Can Keep You Away from Incrimination

Some people think that it’s easy to just be open an honest in a court case, while others think that they know how to lie their way out of things, and then they end up getting in even more trouble. If you’re representing yourself, you stand a higher chance of incriminating yourself – as the Miranda right states, “Anything you say can and WILL be used against you in a court of law”. Because of this, a DUI attorney can help your case by keeping you from incriminating yourself, and teach you when to speak and when not to during a court trial or during your case.

They Can Decrease Your Charges

As mentioned above, sometimes the prosecutors are there to make things harder for you, and they love the maximum penalty even for the smallest crimes. Having a DUI lawyer that knows their stuff and the way that the prosecutors and court system works can increase your chances of having the charges against you diminished, or even dropped altogether. In Ventura, some attorneys are there to give you a true break, and help you enjoy freedom. It of course doesn’t mean that they don’t want you to learn your lesson though.

Free Consultation

Some lawyers charge for a consultation, but the best ones out there offer free legal consult. This means that when you are first charged with your DUI, you can call and schedule an appointment (or use the contact form on their website – the best lawyers have a good website with as much information for you as possible), and get your free consultation meeting so you can explain your case and see where you should go from there. You’ll discuss things like plea bargains, ways they can get your charges dropped or lessened, and learn about what kind of defense strategy they’ll use.


In Ventura County, DUIs are not only extremely serious, but their legal system is too. You can possibly get your charges dropped if you hire the right attorney though, and you’ll want them to be experienced with cases like yours. Don’t forget to ask how many cases similar to yours that they’ve aided their clients with, and you may find that this is their true specialty. There is nothing wrong with having proper legal consultation, and while you should never drink and drive, you may still be able to learn a good lesson and have an attorney free you from the chains that bind you.