Arsenal CAN win the league this season, insists Gary Neville, as ‘bored’ Man City experience ‘post treble blues’

  • The former Man United defender has backed his claims that Arsenal will win title
  • He added that for City losing the league is sometimes needed for excitement
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Gary Neville has claimed Arsenal have enough to win the league this season and handle the run-in after their gritty start to the season. 

Mikel Arteta’s side are two points clear at the top of the table after beating Wolves 2-1 at home on Saturday afternoon.

Last season, after leading the Premier League for most of the campaign, Arsenal eventually faltered in their last ten games and let the title slip.

However, this time around, Neville believes their ability to grind out results when they’ve not been at their best is more encouraging than playing well.

‘What I’ve seen from Arsenal so far is that they’ve not been at their best so far, but that gives me more confidence that they are going to win the league,’ the former Man United defender said on the Gary Neville Podcast.

Gary Neville has claimed Arsenal can win the league this season because of their ‘grit’

While City are 'the best team in the league', Neville claimed they're suffering post treble blues

While City are ‘the best team in the league’, Neville claimed they’re suffering post treble blues

‘I honestly think that to win the league by playing beautiful pretty football that’s not what happens.

‘You have to slog it out through periods of the season where you don’t play well and in the last ten games of the last season they couldn’t dig in to get results.

‘What they’ve done in the first 10 games of this season when they’ve not been at their best is they’ve amassed the most points in the league.

‘Now imagine if the football comes, imagine if the beauty is there in the and it will. They’re more powerful and more strong and I just feel that they’ve got a real chance this year.’

Asked what he made of Man City this season, the -year-old claimed they are experiencing ‘post treble blues’ and look ‘bored’ and ‘complacent’

‘What we’re seeing is what i thought we would – post treble blues. You’ve reached utopia in football terms and this mesmerising height they’ll never reach again. After that, everything becomes a little bit inferior.

The Sky Sports presenter also claimed something similar happened when he played for United

The Sky Sports presenter also claimed something similar happened when he played for United

‘That used to happen regularly in seasons after we [Man United] won the league and the manager used to say you’re bored. He would walk in at the end of a game, you’re bored and waiting for the big games.

‘There’s a pattern now [for City] at the moment of them not waking up and sort of drifting through games. I mean, conceding nine goals in four matches is so unlike them.

However, he did add that if Man City decide they want to wake up nobody can challenge them for the league as they ‘have the best players and the best manager’. 

He also claimed ‘sometimes you need to lose the league to feel the excitement again’. 


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