Arsenal of economic stimulus on standby amid an upsurge of coronavirus cases in Europe

Europe has counted more than 7.4 million cases of the Covid-19. There are 251,478 deaths. Hospitalizations are rising at an alarming rate. As Christine Lagarde says, there is still lots of work to be done in Europe. The resurgence of the virus across the region has prompted France to maintain a public health state of emergency. The International Monetary fund said that the world economy was expected to decline by 4.4% this year, but it was slightly better than expected.

How Europe is dealing with a second wave

The countries across Europe are seeing more cases each day now than they were during the first wave earlier this year. France demanded limitations on Paris and other major cities. Other countries are also taking similar measures in their big cities. With new cases of coronavirus, the governments are responding with lockdowns. It goes without saying that with the new restrictions, the economic crisis will also grow rapidly. There are more than 100k infections every day. Virus everywhere in France, that is why President Emmanuel Macron of France on Wednesday imposed a limitation of 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the Paris region and eight other metropolitan areas. Prague and Liverpool are also going to make face masks mandatory and close the clubs and cafes everywhere. In Amsterdam, even in public indoor spaces wear the mask. In Russia, the situation was always hard but they are also experiencing the second wave.

The number of infections is growing so fast that they had their largest daily increase on Wednesday. Vladimir Putin said that they have a second vaccine. Public health experts are talking about how everyone was expecting that we were going to overcome the situation quickly and the normal ways of life would come back, but the coronavirus is not planning to go away. Economics is damaged because of lockdowns and governments are still trying to help their people with some stimulus packages. There are some stimulus packages but these stimulus packages are most definitely going to help with keeping the European economy alive especially for companies involved with the financial markets.

Judging by a select few FX broker analytics, primarily this Axiory broker review, most FX companies saw a massive downturn of client activity in March but immediately compensated in the middle of June when the first packages were distributed. People are losing their jobs and unemployment rates are growing. In times of economical crisis, more and more people from European countries are finding themselves to be more interested in trading. People are stuck in their homes and they are nearly going crazy because of the whole situation in the world, so they need something to do. Something that will help their financial situation too. Trading is one of the best options for people who are spending their whole days wondering what to do with their time. That is why most of the people are educating themselves about trading and the Forex market. The foreign exchange market is struggling now, but it is in a better situation than other markets in the world since it’s the biggest one from them.

Long-term effects of Covid-19

Somehow, countries are still surviving but what will be the long-term consequences of this pandemic? No one knows. Everything and everyone is filled with uncertainty and fear. People are losing their jobs and most importantly, they are losing their relatives, friends, and family members because of the coronavirus. The whole situation is getting more and more unbearable since the coronavirus is not going away and it is just getting worse and worse. Most people who had coronavirus, recovered after a few weeks but there are many cases when the person is continuing to feel symptoms after their first recovery. COVID-19 can cause blood cells to clump up and form clots and these large clots can cause heart attacks and strokes. Heart damage that is caused by COVID-19 is believed to originate from very small clots and block tiny blood vessels (capillaries) in the heart muscle.

Other organs influenced by blood clots include the lungs, legs, liver, and kidneys. COVID-19 can also weaken blood arteries, which gives a person long-lasting problems with the liver and kidneys. Many people are developing chronic fatigue syndrome with complex disorders. Many long-term assets are still unknown. Researchers are recommending the doctors to see the organs of people who survived the COVID-19. It’s important to know that people are recovering from the virus quickly, but there are also people who are dying from it. There are some long-lasting problems after coronavirus. Not to mention the stress every person is going through when they discover that they are having the virus in their body.

Everyone is hoping that in the near future there will be some idea of the new way of living for the countries and nationalities because the uncertainty is getting more and more unbearable.