Artist, 51, plagued by back pain says using dildos has helped ‘immensely’

An artist plagued by unbearable back pain claims sex toys have helped where drugs have failed.

Rebecca Evans, from Llwyncelyn in Wales, suffers from degenerative disc disease as well as arthritis.

But she claims that sexual stimulation has helped soothe her discomfort. 

The 51-year-old was so inspired by the success of the treatment that she now makes her own dildos out of ceramics as a business, even fashioning one in the shape of ex-US president Donald Trump. 

Rebecca Evans said she using dildos has helped soothe the pain and discomfort of living a back condition and arthritis 

The 51-year-old was so inspired by the power of sex toys that she now makes her own

Her material of choice is ceramics, and she now takes custom orders from clients

The 51-year-old artists was so inspired by the power of sex toys that she now makes her own 

Ms Evans said she while not all-day solution using sex toys had helped improve her sleep and mental health as well as leaving her pain free for hours at time

Ms Evans said she while not all-day solution using sex toys had helped improve her sleep and mental health as well as leaving her pain free for hours at time 


Sexual activity, be with a partner or alone, can help ease some aches and pains, scientists say. 

As the body responds to sexual stimulation, blood flow to certain body parts increases.

This increased flow of oxygen and heat can help alleviate some pains.

A second way sexual activity can help ease pain is through the hormones and chemicals released during an orgasm.

These include endorphins, natural chemicals called endorphins, which have pain-killing properties.

Ms Evans, a ceramic artist, said: ‘They’ve helped me immensely with my pain and that was the start of it.’

She added she wanted to banish the perception of sex toys as an object of depravity and instead frame them as a wellbeing aid.    

‘I want to promote them for wellbeing and not just enjoyment,’ she said, 

‘People are more aware that they’re not these sordid things which should be spoken about — but there’s still a taboo about sex toys and there really shouldn’t be.’

Ms Evans said she was proof that opening yourself up to sexual healing could change your life. 

‘When I first used them, I was pain-free for two hours,’ she said. ‘Sadly, you can’t use them throughout the day but it helps with my sleep and mental health as well.  

‘I’ve had spinal surgery as I have a spinal disease, last year I had a knee replaced and I suffer a lot from arthritis.

‘Before all of this kicked-off I was virtually a lock-in, I didn’t go anywhere or do anything.’

She said she had tried all sorts of methods to reduce her pain, including physiotherapy, medication and even reiki healing, but sex toys had worked the best.

The artist’s claims may seem outlandish but are, at least in part, backed up by science.

Sexual activity, be with a partner or via masturbation, increases blood flow, particularly around the lower regions of the body, that can help alleviate aches and  pains.

And orgasm and sex in general releases a flood of natural chemicals called endorphins which have pain killing properties. 

Ms Evans said people have been using stone or clay dildos for centuries

One client asked for a ceramic dildo in the shape of a mushroom

She has had some unusual custom orders including one dildo with the face of former US-president Donald Trump and a mushroom 

This could potentially help with a condition like degenerative disc disease, where flexible discs located between the vertebra of the spine wear down causing the bones themselves to rub against each other causing pain and discomfort. 

The condition can be caused by normal aging, repeated damage from activity like heavy lifting, or from a serious single injury like a car accident, though the severity can differ between patients. 

Ms Evans has become such an advocate of sex toys that she had now launched her own line – made from clay.   

‘It’s opened a new avenue in my life and I won’t become rich selling them, but I want to do it as much as I can for as long as I can,’ she said.

And another client requested one in the shape of aubergine

Ms Evans said she wanted to help change people's perception of dildos

Another unusual request was for a dildo shaped like an aubergine. Ms Evans also said she wanted to help change people’s perception of dildos

‘It’s a drug-free, very pleasurable experience that I would like to share with other people.’ 

Selling the sex toys on her Facebook page, ‘Dildoramic’ – she now makes them in custom shapes and sizes. 

And Ms Evans said she’s had some weird requests – including one dildo with Mr Trump’s face on it.   

‘I had a request to do one with Donald Trump’s face on it, I made one in the shape of a mushroom and another in the shape of an aubergine,’ she said. 

She said that the material was safe to use as a sex toy: ‘Stoneware, once it’s fired, is nonporous and very, very sturdy – you can drop it on the floor and it won’t break.’

‘People don’t realise dildos were originally pieces of stone and then clay, they’ve been used for centuries.

‘I use them myself so I know how good and sturdy they are. I wouldn’t sell anything which could possibly cause harm and every single one has a letter explaining how to look after it.’