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Asian handicap betting tips for beginners at FB88

Asian handicap is the first choice of football betting players at bookies. Asian football odds are always attractive to players because of the frequent fluctuations in the odds. Let’s refer to the Asian handicap betting tips shared by professional wagers of the FB88you bookie.

Asian handicap betting tips on FB88

Many people think that the Asian handicap is more difficult to look at than the European handicap because of its complexity. However, you can still confidently make an accurate bet thanks to a few betting tips below.

Understand the rules of reading the odds table

Asian handicap, although the odds are quite clear, it is quite difficult for those who have just registered for football betting skills. Especially when you do not know the basic information and terminology about this type of bet.

So before discussing professional and complicated betting methods. Take the time to learn and understand how to read the odds. Especially some concepts like a bottom team, upper team, winning bet, losing bet.

Once you have mastered these rules, you can read the odds correctly. You can confidently bet, make judgments and catch the high odds bets. In addition, learning how to read odds running is also very beneficial in betting on FB88you from now.

Find out match information

It will be difficult to bet on Asian handicaps if you do not know anything about the match information. Especially in terms of performance, playing style, the mentality of the players, playing conditions. Just by knowing this information, you can also make an accurate bet.

The performance of the teams playing will greatly affect the results of the competition. There are matches with quite a big difference in the lineup. You can rely on these factors to make the right betting decisions.

Participate in football forums

Learning from football enthusiasts is also a good way that you can refer. Besides the lessons from their betting failures, you also learn many extremely useful football betting tips.

Especially for those of you who are just starting to learn how to bet. Instead of searching the hard way through a bunch of confusing terms on your own. You will be answered in a clear, detailed, and most realistic way by the same players.

Betting on major tournaments on FB88

In small tournaments, few people care, the house will very easily interfere with the outcome of the bet. At that time, no matter how accurate you are, you still cannot win.

Place bets on major tournaments like Laliga or the English Premier League. With an extremely large number of players, it is very difficult for the house to cheat. You can be somewhat more secure when looking at the bet as well as placing the bet.

Compare and refer to European handicap

Note that you should refer to and compare Asian Handicap with European handicaps to place bets, specifically:

  • European Handicap thinks that a draw will be very likely. But Asian Handicap only accepts 0.25, so bet on the home team.
  • If the European handicap still holds the odds and the Asian Handicap has only a slight, insignificant decrease, you should consider choosing to bet on the above team.

Bet on the bottom team at the right time to be sure to win

Bet on the under team is a very good bet that can help you win a lot of money. With modern football and more based on tactics, choosing under bets in certain circumstances helps you to increase your winning rate up to 99%. In some cases you should choose the bet below:

  • The bet was that before playing, the house increased the handicap. That means there are variables and the lower team is having some advantage. And if you are picking the upper team, change your bet to pick the bottom team.
  • The home team always has the upper hand. Therefore, if two teams have the same ability to compete with each other, choosing the home team is certain. If there is a case that the away team has a handicap of 0.5 or more goals, you should bet on the home team (under team) despite the large difference in force.


Hopefully, the information shared from FB88you experts will help you better understand the Asian handicap betting tips. As well as having a little experience to be able to win big money bets. Let’s join FB88 to continuously update sports information and bets, and determine the most accurate bets.