Astrologer reveals the romance each star sign can expect for the remainder of the holiday period

An astrologer has revealed how to go about finding love this New Year’s Eve depending on your star sign. 

British astrologer Francesca Oddie shared her advice on the best way to socialise to boost your chances on finding love – whether that’s speaking your feelings or spending time with friends. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Francesca said Aries should be bold and make a move on that special someone, while Gemini needs to be open to ‘let the magic happen’. 

The astrologer also revealed how people in relationships can make their relationship stronger than ever. 

Francesca Oddie shared her advice on the best way to socialise to boost your chances on finding love – whether that’s speaking your feelings or spending time with friends. Stock image

ARIES (21 March – 19 April)

TIME TO: Make a move on that special someone 

Your ruler is in Scorpio until 3 January so you are operating with even more intensity and passion. It’s time to show your partner how you feel! 

Venus, ruler of your relationship sector is currently in the mood for connection with everyone so you could experience an electrifying love-at-first sight moment. The opportunity to do things differently is available this festive season. 

TAURUS (20 April – 20 May)

TIME TO: Make a (thoughtful) change 

Passionate Mars has been in your relationship sector all month, which can indicate your focus on finding a partner but also that you could experience some drama in your personal relationships.   

Change and excitement is also on on the cards for Taurus, especially those of you born in April. But whilst liberation might seem like a great idea at the moment, keep in mind that you won’t feel this footloose forever so keeping your options open is good sense. 

Shaking things up should avoid you becoming frustrated and life may continue feeling wildly exciting for a while. 

If you have a plan of action, New Year’s Day is the time to put it into action, not just because it is the first day of the year but because the communication planet Mercury is give you a boost to say put your thoughts and feelings into action. 

If you have been labelled as a certain type, this is the time to show your partner another side to you. The eclipse on Boxing Day might have raised questions on how you identify yourself and alert you to what you really want to do in life. 

An energy boost that reaches a pinnacle on New Year’s Day when you have the courage and impetus to say exactly how you feel to your significant others.

GEMINI (May 21 – 20 June)

TIME TO: Leave the house and let magic happen 

The planet of love is in fellow air sign Aquarius and this energy suits your lively disposition. Chatting and catching up with friends at social events should put you in a great mood to enjoy company or even meet someone new. 

The involvement of radical Uranus to Venus means you could meet eyes with someone and sparks will fly! Single and looking for love? Leave the house, let the magic happen. 

Exotic partners from afar or holidays abroad in the New Year open doors for you. From the 29 December to the 21 January there is added focus is on finances and the deeper more intimate side of life. A time for full disclosure on spending and all private matters with your partner. 

Cancers should ask friends to set them up while Leos should take centre stage. Stock image

Cancers should ask friends to set them up while Leos should take centre stage. Stock image

CANCER (21 June – 22 July)

TIME TO: Ask friends to set you up 

The Boxing Day eclipse was in your relationship sector and Mercury ruler of the mind and communication reaches this point on New Year’s Day. Any relationships that are outdated should be discussed and dynamics could be upgraded now. 

Intuitively you know that you have the potential to turn everything around if you are clear about how you want your life to feel. If you are looking for someone new then it is through friends that you might meet that special someone, consider asking them to set you up! 

LEO (23 July – 22 August)

TIME TO: Step into the spotlight

If there is no one around dear Leo, go somewhere social and provide the entertainment yourself, you are not usually one to shy from the limelight and you never know who you might meet! Change is on the horizon, perhaps you have a surprise from your lover or it is time for you to delight them with some new ideas. 

If you have a partner then this is the time to spoil them and plan a lovely evening that your partner would adore. Emotions will be flowing as the moon in your seventh house means you are more able to empathise with their feelings. 

Eclipses are very powerful, it’s like when electronics break and need to be re-booted and the system runs clearer and more smoothly than before, or you realise it’s time to find a replacement! In letting the past go, you might be amazed by the relationship magic around the corner.

VIRGO (23 August – 22 September)

TIME TO: Arrange a social event

If romance is lacking in your life then this is the time to create some! The eclipse on Boxing Day activated the fun and romantic sector of your chart for the rest of the festive season. If you already have a committed partner, avoid having expectations that incline towards perfectionism. 

If you are single then this is the time to go out and enjoy yourself without pondering the future too much. The eclipse invited you to enjoy yourself and if there are no social activities to attend, then consider arranging something. This will breathe life into existing relationships and open doors for new ones if you are single!

The Moon enters your relationship sector on the 30th and remains there until the 2nd of January, this boosts your desire to find someone to ring in the new year with and boosts your ability to connect with potential partners easily. 

LIBRA (23 September – 22 October)

TIME TO: Focus on friends

The key is to keep your feelings clear and on the table, this will invite any partners to do the same. Libra loves the atmosphere to be light and friendly, but consider expressing some deeper feelings. 

Competitive games could burn through any tensions, but keep a watchful eye on things getting out of hand, it is all about channelling the energy wisely. 

If you are single these are the days to see your friends and have some fun, keeping in the back of your mind that anything can happen and you never know who you are about to meet. Life is unpredictable sometimes, let that thought liberate you to new possibilities. 

If you are single Libra these are the days to see your friends and have some fun, keeping in the back of your mind that anything can happen and you never know who you are about to meet

If you are single Libra these are the days to see your friends and have some fun, keeping in the back of your mind that anything can happen and you never know who you are about to meet

SCORPIO (23 October – 21 November)

TIME TO: Be assertive

Whilst this is an electric Christmas full of surprises and magic, the warning is to remember that his urge for freedom and rebellion will not last forever! 

The eclipse on Boxing Day was a wonderful opportunity to change the way you think, an out with the old, in with the new, mentality to shift your perspective and liberate yourself from stagnant thinking. 

This is something that you can put into action on New Year’s Day when Mercury ruler of communication and thinking reaches the eclipse point. 

SAGITTARIUS (22 November – 21 December)

TIME TO: Meet a new partner while trying something new

The ruler of your love sector moved into Capricorn on 29 December and this would not usually be an exciting development, however this year Mercury will meet lucky Jupiter ready to expand your horizons. 

Whether that is planning a holiday with your partner or an indication of you broadening your horizons together depends on your circumstance. Travel, education and new experiences into the unknown nourish Sagittarius and the pursuit of the things that excite you are the best way to enjoy life with a partner or meet a new one.

It is a cliche, but the relationship we have with yourself is the most important indicator to how happy our romantic lives will be. The eclipse on Boxing Day was an opportunity to set a new standard on how you value yourself, just watch how everything unravels when you delete negativity and replace it with powerfully positive beliefs.

Scorpio usually attracts what they want by virtue of their magnetic charisma, this Christmas consider asserting yourself more directly, you might be amazed at the speed at which changes manifest in your life.

CAPRICORN (22 December – 19 January)

TIME TO: Be authentic in your feelings 

Capricorn this is your season and it is going to be quite the ride! Whilst you are comfortable with over coming obstacles, this is the challenge of a lifetime. The opportunity to understand yourself and see life with an upgraded, wiser perspective. When you are brave and honest with yourself about the way you feel, walls will come down and emotions can flow. 

Your love affairs can be fun and friendly at this time, authenticity is a buzzword and it is a two pronged approach. Firstly, be honest with yourself and then, express how you feel.

It sounds simple, but Capricorn has a habit of suppressing their true feelings and appearing uncaring. It’s still Christmas, and at Christmas we tell the truth. You will feel boosted and more confident in expressing yourself, particularly on New Year’s Day, embrace this opportunity and 2020 will be a year to remember. 

AQUARIUS (20 January – 18 February)

TIME TO: Get out there and mingle

Your relationships are in for a reboot this week due to the eclipse that took place on Boxing Day. 

It is not a case of leaving the past behind and finding someone new (unless you are in the market for a new partner, in which case it is the perfect time!) Aquarius is a master at detaching from the past but this love story is about entirely erasing problems from the past and igniting a new relationship dynamic with your partner.   

Aquarius knows more than any other sign how to make instant connections with others, so get out there in mingle. 

PISCES (19 February – 20 March)

TIME TO: Be ready for romance to appear from nowhere

The ruler of your relationship sector meets lucky planet Jupiter on the 2 January, but forms a link with him on the 29 December. This is when opportunities for romance appear as if from nowhere! The key to this Christmas is in changing your perspective! 

The eclipse on Boxing Day may have been a catalyst to alter the way you think and express yourself, thoughts that can be spoken on New Year’s Day. 

The skies are glittering with friendship and remind us to seek the qualities of friendship in our lovers. Pisces is often avoids confrontation and can often be an avoider of tricky conversations. This boost from the skies asks you to trust how you feel and say it clearly, then just watch how life will turn around.