Astropay Card for Playing Casinos: Overview

Any serious online casino player has heard of Astropay. If you often make deposits or shop online, it is a concept you’ve come across more often than others. Astropay is basically a virtual credit card that is used all over the world. Astropay allows deposits and transfers of money globally without using a bank account or credit card. Using it is convenient in that it is instant, secure and very easy to use. Most casino players love it since all their data is protected from any third parties and therefore inspires confidence. Other than that, it can not only be used on mobile but also from the desktop platform and thus very easily accessible.

Before the introduction of Astropay, one of the biggest challenges online casino players in India had to go through was depositing money through foreign bookies. Trying to use Visa, Mastercard or online bank transfers proved futile. This challenge discouraged online casino gaming as it was too much of a hassle. But this is now a thing of the past. Most casinos now accept Astropay Card as a method of payment. The best Astropay casino in India is one of them.

Why use Astropay Card?

  1. It is instant: Many people use AstroPay because it is instant. All the different transactions done through Astropay are instant. Purchasing the card and making deposits and shopping off sites are all instant.
  2. it is secure: It is secured with end to end encryption and it is also very easy to use. It has strict compliance procedures and has very high-security standards that work to prevent fraud.
  3. It is widely accepted: AstroPay is accepted in most major online sites including casinos and you would therefore only need the one card for all of them.
  4. It is cheap and convenient: AstroPay allows deposits in most major currencies including USD, BRL, EUR, INR and others. Most sites do not charge fees for AstroPay deposits making it very cheap and convenient to use.

Getting started

Do you have your AstroPay card yet? If not, the process of acquiring one is very simple and straightforward.

  1. You simply log in to their website and select the buy cards option.
  2. You then fill in a sign-up form and select the value of the card that you wish to purchase, choose your preferred payment method
  3. Wait for card details to be sent via email.

Users are able to pay in their local currency by choosing a payment method that is available in their country. AstroPay is now available in Nigeria and most of East Africa where it is providing many payment methods including M-Pesa, USSD, bank and credit cards, e-wallet and cash.

The AstroPay card is valid for twelve months since its purchase date. It is not reloadable as the denomination you purchase is what is available to use. This does not, however, mean that you have to use all the money deposited in the account at once or in one transaction, one may make several deposits with the same card until funds are depleted and the card gets cancelled. Once cancelled, you would need to purchase a new card.

How to make a deposit with AstroPay Card

To use your card to make a deposit,

  1. Go to the checkout page of the casino site you intend to purchase from and select AstroPay card as the payment method.
  2. You will be asked to enter the number of your virtual card which is the 16-digit number on the face of the card together with the security code and the card’s expiry date.
  3. Payment confirmation is made immediately.

In case the user has several unexpired cards with small balances, they may merge these cards by purchasing a new card and requesting customer service to merge the balances. A confirmation email is sent once merge is complete. This way, all your balances are used up and the cards do not have to expire with money in.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using the Astropay card

  1. It is free and does not have extra charges. Purchasing the pre-paid card is simple and users may purchase as many cards as they want using the payment method that’s most convenient to them.
  2. Users are able to control their balance easily as other websites and third parties cannot access their financial information.

However, as with all good things, Astropay has its limitations:

  1. While it is usually fast, some payment methods may vary the card delivery time. Some methods take longer to confirm and therefore delay the card confirmation. Some countries put a limit on the number of AstroPay cards a user may purchase over a certain period of time.
  2. Users have also complained that they cannot use their AstroPay cards to make withdrawals from their casino accounts after winning. Astropay only gives them the option to make deposits but not withdrawals. This is because the Astropay card is not designed to be rechargeable.

The AstroPay prepaid card gives users the chance to shop and make payments on very many websites that accept it as a mode of payment. Users are able to make deposits in all sorts of websites in a fast and safe way that protects their bank information. They are also able to track their spending as one can only use balance available on the card.