Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuna Jr. is roasted by MLB fans after dropping easy catch in Padres loss: ‘Did he just forget how to baseball?’

  • Acuna is not having a great year after winning the NL MVP award last season
  • Fans blasted the 26-year-old for his lackadaisical effort on a simple play 
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Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuna Jr. was roasted by baseball fans online after dropping an easy catching during the team’s loss to the San Diego Padres on Sunday. 

Acuna was playing in right field with Padres star Manny Machado swung on a ball down the middle that is an easy catch for any MLB outfielder. 

The four-time MLB All-Star appeared to have a good read on the ball, but then planted his feet and attempted to make the catch with a weird motion near his ankles. 

Acuna dropped the ball to the shock of the commentators and those in attendance, allowing the runner on the second base to advance with one out.  

Fans blasted Acuna for not converting the easy out, and have concerns about the defending National League MVP. 

Ronald Acuna Jr. dropped a routine fly ball to the surprise of fans and commentators alike

‘Did Acuna just forget how to baseball?’ one MLB fan said on social media. 

‘Never put your glove in front of your eyes when catching a fly. Learned that in little league,’ another fan stated. 

‘Bro is so washed,’ one person said of Acuna with a skull emoji. 

‘Dude looks like he took the off-season training completely off after mvp,’ another baseball fan said on X. 

‘Even the best fail at the simplest things,’ a baseball fan concluded. 

A collection of social-media messages from fans blasting the effort of Ronald Acuna Jr.

A collection of social-media messages from fans blasting the effort of Ronald Acuna Jr. 

Acuna and the Braves ended up losing the game 9-1, making his hilarious error mean a little less. 

The Braves sit 5.5 games back of the Philadelphia Phillies in the NL East and are losing more ground quick. 

Acuna also is not following up his MVP season with another effort worthy of the lofty award. 

The 26-year-old only has three home runs, 12 runs batted in this season with a batting average of .253.