Aussie sporting great Andrew Gaze blasts top footy reporter Caroline Wilson for her ‘disgusting’ take on Collingwood coach Craig McRae

  • Gaze took swipe at journalist Caroline Wilson 
  • Called her criticism of Craig McRae ‘disgusting’
  • Magpies boss made omission in media conference

Australian basketball great Andrew Gaze has blasted Nine footy journalist Caroline Wilson over her take on Collingwood coach Craig McRae, calling it ‘disgusting’ and ‘upsetting’.

Wilson wasn’t impressed with McRae’s post-match press conference after the Magpies lost to St Kilda on Friday night because he didn’t mention the Saints’ performance, preferring to concentrate on his team’s poor performance.

‘Craig McRae’s media performance after Collingwood’s loss last Thursday night reflected a ‘me, me, me’ mentality that has permeated that football club as it continues to celebrate that brilliant premiership victory (last year),’ Wilson said.

‘For the record, St Kilda won the game, Spud’s Game, and perhaps applied some pressure that led to those Collingwood mistakes.

‘There’s self-reflection and there’s sportsmanship.’

Andrew Gaze has taken a swipe at journalist Caroline Wilson for her stance on Craig McCrae’s controversial post-match press conference after the loss to St Kilda

Wilson was unimpressed that McRae didn't give the Saints any credit for their win over the struggling Magpies

Wilson was unimpressed that McRae didn’t give the Saints any credit for their win over the struggling Magpies

Spud’s Game was introduced in 2021 and is played in honour of late St Kilda great Danny Frawley and puts a focus on mental health.

Responding to the remarks from the veteran journalist on radio the next day, Gaze didn’t hold back.

‘I think that’s really poor by “Caro”,’ said Gaze.

‘I think if you work your way backwards, to (in) any way infer that Craig McRae was not showing respect to Spud’s game, is abhorrent. 

‘That is just disgusting, that she would suggest or intimate that Craig McRae is not paying respect to Spud – that’s upsetting.’

McRae ended up apologising after coming under scrutiny from Wilson – which Gaze believes he deserves credit for.

‘If you look at the way in which Craig McRae did answer it, he is taking responsibility,’ he said.

‘He is saying he looks at himself, and he says, “What can I do to make this team better?” He’s not passing the buck, he’s not blaming his players … he is taking ownership of the loss.

Gaze said it was 'just disgusting' that Wilson would suggest McRae is not paying respect to St Kilda legend Danny Frawley

Gaze said it was ‘just disgusting’ that Wilson would suggest McRae is not paying respect to St Kilda legend Danny Frawley

‘And then I think you’ve also got to take a coach’s body of work. Have we seen a more respectful, giving, a more enthusiastic, a more humble coach over the last two years? I am not sure we have one.’

Gaze went on to say that McCrae can only answer questions that are put to him while at a press conference. 

‘When you’re in those press conferences, you’re answering questions. And when you’re charged (with answering) the question, then you’re going to answer the question, and it may not always give you the opportunity to laud your opponent,’ Gaze said.

‘But you’ve still got to take the body of work (into consideration). To infer that he wouldn’t have had the greatest respect for their opponents, the greatest respect for what they were able to do against his team – I just thought it was poor.’