Australian goes on Bali rampage: Shirtless tourist wields a wooden plank and tries to kick a man

Another Aussie behaving badly in Bali: Shirtless tourist armed with a wooden plank tries to kick man from a scooter ‘like a wild bull’ in bizarre two-hour rampage

  •  An Australian holidaymaker terrorised the streets of Seminyak in Bali 
  •  He was filmed yelling and waving a plank of wood in the middle of the road
  •  The street rampage also saw him try to roundhouse kick a man off his scooter

An Australian man tried to kick a scooter rider from his bike while yelling he was a ‘one man army’ during a bizarre rampage on the streets of Bali. 

The Sydneysider was on a holiday in Seminyak when he screamed and threatened bystanders with a plank of wood in the early hours of the morning.

He was also filmed trying to roundhouse kick the passing scooter rider during the rampage, which lasted over two hours, 9News reported. 

An Australian tourist went on a bizarre late-night street rampage in Seminyak, Bali where he was seen screaming, brandishing a plank of wood and tried to kick a man off a scooter 

An Australian onlooker described how the man charged ‘like a wild bull’ at bystanders on the Jalan Drupadi street.  

‘He had two huge pieces of timber and was swinging them around at the locals,’ the tourist said.  

‘I saw him try to use that piece of wood and sort of spear throw it at people on bikes.’ 

The onlooker said the man had told him he was originally from New Zealand, but lived in Sydney.

The man was heard yelling ‘I’m a one-man army, come at me, come and stab me’. 

He was also said to be smashing on the front doors of nearby properties and hotels.

A group of local security guards were unsuccessful in restraining the man and he managed to flee.  

Nobody was injured during the frenzy and an investigation has not yet been launched as police said no official complaints were made.  

He also went bashing on property doors and ran away from local security guards

He also went bashing on property doors and ran away from local security guards