Australian marketing officer, 34, on an $88k salary reveals how she spends her money

Marketing officer, 34, on an $88k salary offers a glimpse into her financial diary – and how she saves money to fund holidays and expensive gifts for her family-of-four

  • A 34-year-old marketing officer has revealed what she spends her money on
  • The mum-of-two, who lives in Melbourne, earns $88k a year working part-time 
  • Her monthly mortgage repayment is $2,350, which she splits with her husband
  • She splurges on summer holidays and Christmas gifts for family and friends

A mother-of-two who earns $88,000 a year working part-time in marketing and communications has revealed what she spends her money on and where she cuts costs to be able to afford expensive gifts and a family holiday once a year.

Writing anonymously in a financial diary for Mamamia, the 34-year-old Melbourne woman revealed she deposits $1,500 into a savings account and spends roughly $2,565 every month, splitting household costs evenly with her husband.

Her take-home pay is $5,508 a month after tax, according to Neuvoo’s Australian income tax calculator.

After setting money aside and covering her share of regular monthly expenses, including groceries, utility bills, transport and mortgage repayments, she is left with $1,442 for socialising, treats and one-off purchases for herself and her family.

A 34-year-old Melbourne mother-of-two who earns $88,000 a year by working part-time in marketing and communications deposits $1,500 into savings every month to fund Christmas presents and an annual family holiday (stock image)

Her half of the mortgage repayment comes to $1,175, while utilities, petrol and groceries set her back an average of $675 a month. 

Home and health insurance for the entire family costs her $549, on top of subscriptions to streaming services such as Stan ($10), Netflix ($13.99), Disney ($8.99) and Foxtel ($25), which she splits with her husband.

But she cuts costs making breakfast and dinner at home, whipping up affordable spreads of muesli, toast and fruit every morning and budget-friendly dishes like chicken breasts and vegetables at night.

Most of her discretionary income is spent on her children, splashing out on gymnastics lessons, trips to the local swimming pool, ice cream and hot chocolate. 


MONTHLY INCOME: $5,508 (after tax)

Mortgage repayments: $1,175

Utilities: $275

Home insurance: $83

Family health insurance: $466

Transport: $200 (on petrol)

Groceries and household expenses: $200 

Children’s sports: $137.50 (based on $830 total per three month term, split with husband)

Streaming subscriptions: $29

Regular monthly spending (excluding socialising and one-off purchases): $2,565.50

Monthly saving: $1,500


Outstanding mortgage: $550,000

Outstanding HECS: $28,000


Christmas gifts for family: $1,000

Annual summer holiday: $1,500

Coffee is her weakness, spending $4.50 a day on take-away brews from the cafe at work, but she avoids expensive restaurant fare by bringing packed lunches of salad sandwiches and fruit every day.

Her thrifty lifestyle allows her to splash $1,000 on Christmas presents for family and friends, generously gifting bottles of wine, entertainment vouchers and FitBit fitness trackers.

The family can also afford to spend $1,500 a year on a summer holiday.

Within the next two years, she hopes to renovate the interior of the house and take a road trip across the US with her husband and their two children.