Australian mums share how they’re celebrating Easter on a budget – with some spending less than $20 on the holiday

Thrifty Aussie mums are sharing how they’re doing Easter on a budget with many managing the holiday for under $20. 

Parents are feeling the pinch as gifts are becoming customary for Easter but many are taking a ‘less is more’ approach as the cost of living continues to put pressure on Aussie families. 

One mum said she shops the sales then celebrates Easter with her young kids a week late and another saves her cash by never buying ‘anything in a box’ and sticking to packets of chocolates which are much cheaper. 

‘Mums, can we talk Easter on a budget? What are your best budget hacks for kids at Easter? Where have you found the best bargains? Can you share some great ideas?’ a woman asked on the Mums Who Budget and Save Facebook group. 

The query drew in hundreds of helpful responses including from one mum who said she buys $1.70 chocolate bunnies from Aldi and Cadbury on sale. 

Savvy Aussie mums are sharing how they’re celebrating Easter without breaking the bank with some buying eggs and treats for the whole family for less than $20

‘My kids don’t need brand chocolate but I do. Few plastic eggs to add to the hunt. Can’t find cheap chocolate in hollow eggs this year,’ she said.        

‘Don’t go overboard. I’m going to sound like an ‘old person’, but growing up in the 80s and 90s we were given chocolate eggs/bunnies on Easter Sunday. And that’s it,’ another saver said.

‘No Easter boxes, Easter Eve boxes, baskets full of stuff. For me, all of that just adds money and stress. My kids get a pair of PJs each and I’ve got a chocolate bunny and a few medium and small eggs for an egg hunt.’

A budgeter shared her ‘controversial’ Easter plan.

‘While my kids were young enough to not realise when Easter weekend was I would do Easter the week after and buy eggs for under half price,’ she said.

‘Also once the Easter bunny phase had passed, I would do the same thing. I’m not religious so obviously the actual holiday had no significance to me.’

‘$6 Freddo Frog egg each from Big W and a packet of solids to share in a little hunt around the house. Under $20 for two kids,’ another explained.       

‘Three kids, they are all getting a Humpty Dumpty and an egg hunt with some small hollow eggs and mini eggs. That’s it. That’s all they need,’ a third answered. 

One mum said they never buy any eggs that come in a box because of the inflated price while another plans ahead and buys clothing for presents when they are reduced. 

‘I don’t buy anything in a box. My kids have buckets and I buy all the things on special in a packet of many and divide them up. I put one big bunny in each,’ one suggested.

One mum shops the sales then celebrates Easter with her kids a week late while another never buys 'anything in a box' and sticks to packets of chocolates which are much cheaper

One mum shops the sales then celebrates Easter with her kids a week late while another never buys ‘anything in a box’ and sticks to packets of chocolates which are much cheaper

‘When winter clothes come on sale (end of season when everything is $3-$5) I’ll buy a set of PJs and a jumper and slippers usually under $15 a child then add a couple of eggs at the end,’ a second wrote.

One woman said she only splashed her cash on treats for an Easter egg hunt which her kids love.    

‘We’ve only ever done an Easter egg hunt, they have so much fun. We give them baskets and tote bags and they run riot trying to find the eggs. We only spend about $10 on hunting eggs and another couple of dollars on bags,’ she said.

We do a pair of PJs each, one big bunny and some small eggs. They don’t need anymore in my opinion. My kids are more excited at the fact that Easter morning is the only day that they are allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast and all day without having to ask!’ a second laughed.

One member said she usually ‘goes overboard’ on holidays so makes sure to buy treats on special. 

‘Woolies and Coles often have sales, as well as Big W. I always compare pricing before going shopping Also you don’t have to buy strictly Easter eggs or Easter-themed chocolate,’ she said. 

‘I buy my kids one egg each. I get the Humpty Dumpy which is $7 this week at Woolies. So it’s $21. Done and dusted,’ another mum replied. 

‘Kmart has small bunnies for $1 and they are yum!’ someone added.