Australia’s best April Fool’s Day pranks revealed

April Fool’s Day has rolled around once again – the one day of the year Australians get to shamelessly trick one another with elaborate gags and pranks.

Businesses and brands have taken part in the fun by offering – or removing – ridiculous deals from sharing hotel beds with strangers to the launch of a new airline which caters to tall people. 

Daily Mail Australia has compiled the best gags of the day. 


Deliveroo has announced it will no longer offer options for pizzas with crusts after receiving anti-crust complaints from customers. 


Sydneysiders can now view bin chickens at the Wild Life Zoo if they feel they aren’t getting enough of them on the city streets. The zoo has announced it has hired a ‘Senior Bin Chicken Keeper’ to watch over a new display of the famous birds. 

‘We’re regularly asked by our international guests why we don’t have their favourite Australian animal, the majestic Bin Chicken here in the zoo for everyone to admire,’ she said. 


At last, Tinder users searching for love can rest assured that what they see on the app is what they’ll get after the company announces its new feature to verify users’ height.  

Users will be asked to input their height with a ‘screenshot of you standing next to any commercial building.’ 

The app will then conduct some ‘state-of-the-art verifying’ and honest users will be rewarded with a verification badge. 

‘Height fishing’ ends here.  


Amazon is no longer catering only to human customers, but is offering products to our underwater friends as well. 

Introducing Audible for Fish, a three-second audiobook that will keep your pets company and stimulated through a waterproof speaker. 


Lay’s is offering customers the chance to kill two birds with one stone with its new pepsi-flavoured chips. 

No need to buy a can of cola to pair with your snack when you can get all your favourite flavours in one go.   

‘We have combined your two favourite loves to make a whole new flavour! Presenting Lay’s Masala Flavour, a whole new flavour that looks like a chip, tastes like Pepsi!,’ the company announced.  


Deliveroo, MenuLog, and Ubereats have some new competition as Virgin Australia has revealed its new food delivery service which will expand customers’ dinner options by delivering food via plane.  

No need to limit yourself to restaurants in your vicinity when you can order foods from across the country straight to your door step.  

The airline says: ‘With a click of a button, Melbourne’s hottest burgers or Adelaide’s best seafood can be ready to eat by dinnertime!’  


Travelling just got a little less lonelier and more affordable as Travelodge Hotels has unveiled its new room share option that offers guests a 50 per cent discount if they are willing to share half their room with another guest. 

The company will even go as far to mark ‘literally everything down the middle’ to ensure everyone is getting an equal share.

A Spokesperson for Travelodge Hotels said that the Bedshare was a strategic move aimed at capitalising on the share economy trend. 

‘We are about making things refreshingly simple for our hotel guests and if making friends and cutting costs is important, then we were willing to make it happen.’  


Contiki is taking steps to get rid of the ‘FOMO’ – the fear of missing out – from friends and families with its new on-board camera.

Travellers can now share their sights and travels with loved ones back home at all hours of the day. 

‘Thanks to the constant connection your loved ones will be able to share in your travel memories as they’re being made.’

The first 100 subscribers will also be offered the Contiki cam package which includes a wearable GPS tracker, so you will be connected, literally, every step of the way.  


In an age when customer inclusivity has become paramount, Wotif is taking steps to provide proper service to its vertically gifted passengers. 

The company has launched Emu Airlines – the world’s first airline catering exclusively to tall people.  

Wotif Managing Director Daniel Finch believes the situation currently facing vertically gifted travellers is ‘the height of injustice.’  

‘Whether it’s having their knees crushed by the seat in front of them, having to fake-laugh at endless ‘You should have been a basketball player’ jokes, or being asked to put everyone’s bags in the overhead compartment, flying can be a real nightmare for our tall friends. Today, with Emu Airlines, Wotif says no more!’