Automatic Window Opener Using Linear Actuators

In what cases is automation used to open windows?

Just want to warn you that the price of such devices is quite high, so they usually are not installed on every window in an apartment or a mansion. At the same time, there are situations when you cannot do without installing linear actuators to open those windows.

For example:

  1. The windows are too high above the floor. If a normal adult does not have enough height in order to open a window without using a ladder or a chair, then it makes sense to install an automatic actuator; A window in a glass sloping roof, for example, would be rather hard to open without an actuator.
  2. The sashes of the windows are too big or too heavy. If the efforts of one adult are not enough to open the sash with one hand, it can also be considered as the reason for installing the automatic opener;
  3. The impact of wind load. Whether it is a sea coast, or upper floors in a skyscraper, the strength and speed of wind can reach high numbers. In such cases, it is better to use mechanized devices for opening and closing of windows in apartments;
  4. The impact of snow load. Either sloping roof windows in private houses, or flat windows of horizontal glazing, can accumulate a thick layer of snow in the winter. In order to facilitate opening process, I advise you to install an automatic linear actuator;
  5. Housing for the low-mobility population groups. If the house is inhabited by people with disabilities, the installation of electric actuators is the only way to open and close windows in the apartment for them;
  6. Connection to the “Smart Home” system. In order to increase comfort and optimize the cost of heating and air conditioning, some homeowners install automated climate control systems in their homes. To maintain the set temperature and humidity in the room, such systems automatically open and close the necessary windows in a certain part of the house, using electromechanical actuators or drives;
  7. For the same purposes, such devices are often used in automated greenhouses, and greenhouses intended for year-round cultivation of plants.

Using actuators for windows

The installation of the electromechanical actuator makes it easy to control opening and closing of the window sashes at a distance. When connected to the climate control system, all control is carried out in automatic mode. For manual control, you can use a stationary console that is located on the wall next to the window, or a compact remote control that runs on batteries.

The use of windows equipped with automatic actuators has its own peculiarities:

  1. Most often, the actuator mechanism is installed in the lower or upper part of the window, and is fastened by means of an adjusting bracket to the slope of the wall or stationary fixed profile of the window frame;
  2. The slide part of the actuating mechanism is attached to the opening sash with its free end;
  3. If the sash has a large weight or large overall dimensions, such devices can be installed in pairs, one on each side of the sash;
  4. Many actuator models are designed to work with 24 volts. This eliminates the risk of electric shock, and allows the safe use of such devices on windows in aluminum frames, outdoors or in rooms with high humidity (swimming pools, greenhouses, etc.);
  5. To avoid broken glass from sudden gusts of wind, electromechanical actuators can be attached to a remote wind speed sensor (anemometer), or a rain sensor. If the weather outside deteriorates suddenly, the sensors will signal to all actuators to close the window wings;
  6. Some models of control panels for window openers, allow you to perform ventilation of the room automatically according to a set schedule. For example, it can be programmed so that during the day it performs ventilation every two hours, and shut windows down for the night;
  7. Despite all the advantages, electromechanical actuators require electricity, so they will not work with sudden or planned power outages;
  8. Without electric power, the window can be opened and closed manually. Before doing this, make sure that the motor is not energized, and detach the slide mechanism from the opening sash;

It is generally accepted that the use of automatic linear actuators for opening / closing windows allows increasing the life of the window and locking mechanisms. This is because the properly tuned window actuator, in comparison with humans, performs this work more smoothly and never exerts excessive force.