Autonomous SmartDesk Pro review & best Alternatives

According to, Autonomous SmartDesk Pro is one of the best standing desks for under 800$. It coined to be a stable yet affordable standing desk. It may even give the famous Fully Jarvis or Uplift a run for their money. Let’s see what this desk has in store.

A pretty large desk

The first thing that you’ll notice is that this is a pretty large desk. This SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous measures 53 by 29 inches. So you’ll have more space than you’ll need. And not only is the desk quite roomy, but we also find it very solid and stable. Though it’s not the fancy elegant ones that will instantly win your hearts, it has a very sturdy tabletop.

We reckon that the only way to damage the table was through massive mishandling. And it has to be really a massive hit. Thus, the tabletop of this desk can take on a lot of use and abuse. And yet, the desk will not show it.

It also comes in neatly packed. All the corners of the desk were covered with separate cardboard. So that will prevent you from scratching your skin. And there isn’t really much scratching that’s gonna happen since the corners of the desk are round. This also makes it safer for kids. And should you accidentally bump your hips against the desk, it will not be that painful.

And since the tabletop is quite huge and sturdy, it also has a good heft to it. So if you don’t mind the weight, you will still be able to set up the desk on your own. The setup was supposed to be straightforward. But due to the size and weight of the tabletop, you might need some time in doing the installation. Or some helping hand is a nice idea too.

The tabletop also has a nice matte finish. So that will deter scratches and fingerprints. And It also amps up the look of this basic standing desk.

Heavy-duty steel frame

The Hybrid desk consists of two leg segments. And boy, did we find these frames very strong and study. These steel frames are a beast. So in line with that, the desk is pretty stable too at all heights. There isn’t any annoying shaking and you can work on all the desk’s height without any wobbles at all.

The lifting mechanism goes on smoothly. Though it’s not the quietest and you’ll still be able to hear a slight humming while the desk is transitioning. But for us, it’s not a biggie when compared to the robustness and the stability of the desk. We didn’t find the slight hum that annoying.


  • This hybrid desk might be too big for a small home office. So before making a purchase, make sure to check the dimensions of your room first.
  • The hybrid SmartDesk is a pretty basic one. So it doesn’t have the bells and whistles. Though we see a cable management tray as a basic need for a clean standing desk. Sadly, the desk does not come with one. You can outfit it at an added cost.

So if you don’t want to shell out more moolah, you‘d have no option but to use tape to secure the wires and cable under the tabletop. It can work if you don’t really move your cable around much. But if you do, it can look pretty messy. The only cable management system the desk has is the two grommet holes where you can loop in your wires and cables.

  • Shipping is very fast, so if you need the desk asap, you will not be disappointed. We also love how the customer service dealt with our inquiries. That’s plus points for the brand. And the brand also offers a 30 day trial for its US customers and a 15 day trial for buyers in Canada. So this will give you time to decide if the desk is for you or not. You can return it risk-free.
  • Both the tabletop and the steel frame legs are well made and very sturdy. Also, the frame doesn’t have an oil or grease like what you’ll see with a Fully Jarvis or an Uplift desk.
  • It’s a pretty large desk that can accommodate a three monitor setup, plus your small gadgets.
  • The no wobble issue was a big win for us. Your three monitor setup will not wobble even if the desk is moving, even at the highest desk setting. It sits comfortably at all heights.
  • Assembly was made challenging by the heftiness of the desk. And some users find the manual too confusing and too tricky to follow. This can be really challenging for newbies to set up. So it’s best to ask for help. That will also save you time.
  • The desk has 4 memory presets and the buttons respond well. The control panel does not look too flashy but it’s not too bulky or cheap either. It makes up for a minimalist working space.

Hybrid vs the Professional SmartDesk 2

What’s the difference between these two Autonomous SmartDesk?

The two main differences are the height range and the warranty period. So when we speak of the height ranges, the segments of the desk frames are also involved. The number of segments will actually dictate the height range of the standing desk.

The hybrid desk is composed of two segments. And it has a desk height range from 28 to 47 inches. The business or premium Smart desk, on the other hand, has a three-leg segment. The more segments a desk has, the higher it can go. So the professional /premium SmartDesk will have a higher desk range from 26-52 inches.

Thus, taller users will be able to find the business desk option a more suitable choice.

The second difference is the warranty. The hybrid offers a year’s warranty for the tabletop and 5 years for the desk frame. The business desk, on the other hand, has the same warranty for the tabletop. But it offers a longer 7-year warranty for the frame.

Aside from that, everything else is the same. Both desks have the same tabletop material, table options, weight capacity, and lifting speed.

That being said, the hybrid is also a more affordable option than the two.

Alternatives to the Hybrid SmartDesk

If you’re looking for the best alternatives to the Hybrid SmartDesk, these are our suggestions.

The SmartDesk professional/ premium desk

As we have mentioned above, this desk can have a lot of similarities with the hybrid desk. And if you love all the features and the simplicity of the hybrid desk but find that it can’t go high enough for you, well, this is the perfect alternative. It has very similar features, only that it can go higher. And oh, it has a longer warranty for the tabletop.

iMovr Lander

This is the ideal US-made desk alternatives to the SmartDesk. One of the reasons why this is an ideal option is that it is also robust, solid, and steady at all heights. And It even offers a longer warranty period for electronic parts.

It can also go a bit higher, up to 50 inches. So this is also a great alternative for those who are taller. And if the SmartDesk Hybrid is a basic desk, the Imovr is an upgraded one. You’ll get to enjoy a Bluetooth function and anti-collision technology.

So if you’re looking for more bells and whistles, then this is a great option.

Stand Desk Pro

This is the best China-made desk alternative to the Hybrid SmartDesk 2.

It comes in two desk size options. But the closest to the hybrid standing desk is the 24 by 45-inch Stand Desk Pro. It also has four rounded corners for an added amp. It can also go a tad higher with the highest desks setting at 50 inches.

Though the Smart desk hybrid is more wobble-free than the Stand Desk Pro, this can be a decent choice if you do not need to use the desk at its highest setting. The wobble starts as the Stand Desk Pro approaches the highest setting. So even if the desk can go high enough for tall users, we only recommend it for average or petite users. This is when the desk is at the most stable.

And we also do not recommend that you get the desk with the larger 60-inch tabletop. It can be unstable when used with a larger tabletop.

And oh, it has a more generous warranty, it even offers a 10-year warranty for the electronic parts and a lifetime warranty for the frame. So it can be a good deal and you’ll get the most of your purchase.

Final Say

So the hybrid SmartDesk Pro is a pretty stable and robust standing desk. If you don’t mind the simplicity of a bare desk with just the basic functions, then you’ll have no complaints.