Awkward moment serial prankster’s joke spectacularly backfires after posing as a statue and trying to scare Adelaide shoppers

Wild footage has captured the moment a serial prankster’s joke spectacularly backfired after he was kicked in the head while pretending to be a statue.

Aussie prankster, known online as Shah Vlog, was disguised as a statue while sitting on a bench at Rundle Mall in Adelaide, South Australia.

Shah Vlog has amassed a cult following on social media for his pranks in which he scares unsuspecting adults and children by posing as either a statue or a bush. 

However, his statue prank went horribly wrong when one passerby casually strolled up to him and kicked him in the head. 

The prankster shared a compilation video to TikTok on Wednesday showing the reactions of shoppers at Rundle Mall, including the instantly remorseful man.  

The video showed the man approaching the prankster with his phone in one hand and a bag of food in the other before he leaned back and kicked him in the head. 

The man instantly regretted his actions after he discovered the statue was in fact a person. 

Shah Vlog stood up and approached the man who immediately began apologising for kicking him. 

‘Oh f***, oh s***, I thought you were a statue. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,’ the man said. 

Social media users slammed the man for his actions, with many claiming kicking public property was wrong. 

‘Even that is a statue you are not entitled to kick it,’ one commented. 

‘But why would you even do that anyway? Just ruining property for fun? Best believe he never did that again,’ a second added. 

‘But why are you grown and kicking a statue like you’re 10-years-old? Please make it make sense. Smh,’ a third person chimed. 

A fourth added: ‘Great that he was so apologetic , but honestly why would u do that in the first place? People have non respect for anything’. 

Shah Vlog’s statue prank went horribly wrong when a man approached him and kicked him in the head (pictured) 

Some suggested the man was aware the statue was a person and filmed himself kicking him in the head. 

‘That sob knew, look at his smile before he kicks,’ one commented. 

‘He definitely knew. Mans had his camera all ready,’ a second wrote. 

A third added: ‘The fact that he took a video of it, he knew’. 

Others defended the man, claiming his genuine reaction showed he did not know the statue was a person. 

Shah Vlog has 28,800 subscribers on Youtube and almost 380,000 combined followers on Instagram and TikTok.