Axle Young dies after vehicle collapses on him in Mittagong, NSW

A teenager who was crushed to death when a vehicle collapsed on him has been remembered as ‘the brightest young man’ – as his death sparks an urgent warning to motorists.

Axle Young, 17, was performing maintenance on the car in the driveway of his family home in Mittagong, in the NSW Southern Highlands, at about 1.15pm on Sunday when the accident happened.

Emergency services tried to save his life but he died on the scene.

It can now be revealed the teenager, who had a girlfriend and seven siblings, was only two years into an apprenticeship with Southern Highlands Carpet Court.

On Tuesday, his sister Cheyenne Young told Daily Mail Australia she would do everything possible to ‘honour him and make him proud’.

Pictured: Axle Young, circled, with his parents and siblings on Christmas Day. Cheyenne is pictured, centre, in a purple coat

‘My family and I were so beyond proud of how far he had come. He was the brightest young man and nobody will ever forget him,’ she said.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, she wrote: ‘I can’t say goodbye to you. It hurts and it just keeps hurting. I will never be the same without you, my baby brother. I love you more than life itself.’

Another sibling took to social media on Monday to tell loved ones Axle had ‘suffered a terrible accident’.

‘Your messages of love and support have not gone unnoticed and are all greatly appreciated,’ he said. 

‘I love you little brother, with all my heart.’

His employer also wrote a tribute, remembering Axle for his ‘patience, commitment and his beautiful nature [that] would always put a smile on everyone’s face’.

Axle Young (pictured at work) was two years into his carpet laying apprenticeship when he died

Axle Young (pictured at work) was two years into his carpet laying apprenticeship when he died

‘At the young age of 17 you showed us how determined and passionate you are about your career and future,’ the tribute read.

‘The growth on this young man definitely did not go unnoticed and we will cherish that forever.’

Police established crime scene at the home where Axle died but there were no suspicious circumstances.

The incident has prompted warnings from the motoring community for people doing home maintenance.

‘Always be safe when working on your ride,’ the Mighty Car Mods Group wrote on Facebook, in response to Axle’s death.

Pictured: Axle Young, who died at the age of 17 on Sunday when a car fell on him in a driveway

Pictured: Axle Young, who died at the age of 17 on Sunday when a car fell on him in a driveway

One person commented: ‘Twenty years working on cars I do not go under them without jack stands plus a spare wheel under there just in case.’

Another asked: ‘Anyone still get paranoid of getting under a car even with four jack stands and jack supporting the car?’ 

A number of people agreed, with one saying: ‘One hundred per cent.

‘I’ve been doing it forever and still question if there isn’t a better way. The more jack stands, the merrier.’

A third person added: ‘My high school auto shop teacher drilled it into my head that you never trust only hydraulics to hold up a vehicle.

‘When using a floor jack or bottle jack, I always use a jack stand, or stands. 

‘When using a hoist, I always make sure the safety locks are engaged, and lower the weight of the vehicle onto them to make sure everything is holding when I reach the correct height.’

They suggested Axle’s death may have been preventable, but did not blame the teen or anyone else.

‘My condolences to the young man’s family and friends,’ they added.

‘I’m not bashing him, but incidents like these occur too often, and are preventable.’

His family set up a fundraiser to pay for his funeral.

‘This GoFundMe has been created in the hopes of raising enough money for Axle Young’s family to plan a beautiful funeral and send-off,’ it read.

‘We are hoping to raise $5,000 to cover expenses for Axle and his family in this time of great sadness.’

A report will be prepared for the coroner.