Back Injury After a Car Accident? Things you Need to Know

Each year, approximately 6 million car accidents occur in the US. One of the common results of auto accidents is back injury. Here is some advice from the auto accident lawyer Sacramento you should know if you have suffered an injury after a car accident.

If you have got into a car accident that was not your fault before you do anything make sure right after the accident you see a doctor, and then schedule a meeting with a good auto accident lawyer. A good lawyer can help you with your auto accident case and hold the skills to get you the compensation you deserve.

Even if your back pains a little after the accident, don’t ignore it and always seek medical care. Get yourself checked to ensure your injuries or back injury doesn’t go unnoticed.

Important things to do after you begin to feel back pain

Seek medical care. Even if the pain is minor, go to a doctor for a proper checkup.  checked out. Don’t think back pain will go away after some time, some pains can aggravate later. If you are seeking compensation for your damage or injuries, it’s important you have all medical records related to your back pain and treatment.

You will need this medical proof to show how have you been affected by the accident and you deserve the compensation. Your personal injury attorney will need your medical treatment records for your case.

Don’t give any statements, don’t agree on anything before speaking to a lawyer. You might make mistakes while dealing with your insurance company. It’s better to hire a lawyer to avoid doing serious mistakes and recover the compensation.

Schedule a meeting with an experienced lawyer. Speak to a lawyer that is familiar with your type of case. Let’s say if it was a bicycle accident, you should speak to a Sacramento bicycle accident attorney. Hiring a lawyer for your personal injury claim is not expensive, as most lawyers charge on a contingency basis.

Common Symptoms of back injury

No matter how minor your pain seems to be, don’t ignore any type of back pain. The consequences of motor vehicle accidents are not just limited to vehicle damage, it often results in serious back injuries and other injuries. Most back injuries can take up to 24 hours or even some days to few weeks to show symptoms.

Thus, you may not even realize that you have an injury until later. Severe back injuries can affect your life and can make every task difficult to do. Even if the accidents seem minor to you, they can still cause back injuries.

The most common symptoms of back injuries

  • Stiffness or difficulty in walking
  • Pain occurring anywhere in the back
  • Trouble standing up straight
  • Swelling
  • Pain radiating down the legs or one leg
  • muscles in spasm on either side of the spine.
  • Numbness around legs, buttocks, feet, genitals.

Some back injuries can even cause pain in other parts of the body. Follow the treatment plan suggested by your doctor for recovery.

Personal injury attorney

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