Backpacker from Argentina Max Orona pleads for help after he was robbed in Sydney

Argentinian backpacker robbed and forced to sleep in the street after arriving in Australia flooded with job offers after sharing his harrowing ordeal: ‘I ordered meals in churches’

  • Job offers have flooded in for Argentinian backpacker
  • Max Orana revealed he was robbed and ‘left on the street’
  • He took to social media to ask for help on Monday 

A young backpacker has been inundated with messages of support and job offers after he pleaded for help when he was robbed and forced to sleep on the street. 

Max Orona, 30, left his native Argentina last year for a round-the-world backpacking adventure but found himself broke, scared and 12,000km from home in Sydney this week. 

‘I was robbed, my bank account was emptied, I was left on the street, I ordered meals in churches,’ Mr Orona wrote to Facebook on Monday.

The Argentinian backpacker (pictured) shared a plea for help after he was robbed and left without funds far from home

His post (pictured) garnered hundreds of comments with job offers flooding in

His post (pictured) garnered hundreds of comments with job offers flooding in 

He said he was in ‘shock’ from the experience of being robbed which had deeply frightened him and he was looking for any kind of work that would allow him to get back on his feet.

‘I am alone facing this whole situation in the best way I can,’ he said. 

‘I’m tired of all the scams out there when all I want is a chance to recover myself in this beautiful country.’

Mr Orana said he wasn’t fussy and was looking for work ‘in whatever gets me out of this situation’.

‘Preferably a farm with accommodation, I have experience in solar farms, cleaning, and I’m really willing to learn any field. Please if you are a scammer don’t talk to me and if you are not, please give me a chance.’ 

He added that he had already contacted the Argentine embassy but they were unable to intervene as it wasn’t a diplomatic matter.

His plea sparked a wave of comments from concerned people who variously offered him advice, accommodation, or a job.

‘Yulara in Uluru are always hiring… they provide accommodation and would be a good place to get back on your feet as there’s not a lot to spend money on but it’s a nice community,’ one person said.

‘Hello Max! Guman and Gomez are taking people, I know the payment isn’t immediate but at least you’d have something,’ another wrote.

‘We have work for accomodation at Backpackers 1770 available, not paid but it’s a free bed in a lovely community atmosphere and there is potential work in town,’ a third said.

‘You can work on a potato farm in Kingaroy… I worked there two years ago and I still have friends there, if I tell them a friend is looking for a job they won’t tell me no,’ a fourth added.

Mr Orana has been backpacking around South America, the UK, South East Asia and Australia

Mr Orana has been backpacking around South America, the UK, South East Asia and Australia

A few others asked how he was robbed to help others to avoid the same situation and Mr Orana later elaborated that he was robbed in Thailand and found out his bank account was cleaned out when he arrived in Sydney. 

‘They forced me to use the Commonwealth debit card in the ATM and somehow… they copied my card data.’

‘Lot of withdrawals by those guys who left me with $0 and I found out when I landed in Sydney.’ 

On Tuesday, Mr Orana updated the post again to thank the hundreds of commenters for their support. 

‘I thank you all for your concern and your words of encouragement. I was afraid that the post would go unnoticed but it didn’t!,’ he said.

‘Now I am answering one by one the messages and job offers! Thank you for giving me an opportunity and encouragement to get ahead!’