Badlands Winch Remote Not Working: Possible Reasons and Solutions

It’s frustrating when your winch remote doesn’t work while you actually need it. There can be several problems behind it, like damaged battery, faulty connection, receiver issue.

Most people complained that after using the remote-controlled winch for several months, their Badlands Winch remote not working anymore. Yes, Badlands is a reputed brand. But like all other electrical or battery-powered devices, winch remote may not work as well!

So this article is about finding the common problems related to it and troubleshooting.

Let’s get started…

Badlands Winch Remote Not Working

For people who don’t know what a Badland Winch remote is, the Badland winch remote is a remote controller from Badland used to control the winch cables.

Its functions are just like any other remote controller. You can spool in and out the winch cable with the help of this. They can range up to 20 feet to 50 feet. And for a better experience, you need to use them while standing in front of them.

Now we’ll be heading towards the main purpose of the article, about the possible problems related to Badlands Winch remote and Badland winch remote troubleshooting. Check here for information about the Badland Winch review.

Battery Problem

The winch remote contains lithium-ion batteries. So if there is any problem with the battery, this can be one of the reasons behind your Badlands Winch Remote Not Working.

According to many users, when they changed the batteries, the remotes started working. This technique was effective in our case too. So if you’re facing this problem, try changing the remote battery.

Tip: Always keep a pair of backup batteries. In case the battery runs out, use the spare ones. And store the remote batteries in a dry place free of moisture and water.

Inadequate Range

After using it for a while, the range doesn’t remain the same. So, in this case, it’s possible to increase the range by changing the wiring. But this may void the warranty. If you don’t want to do this, skip this step.

For better understating, we’ve added a badland winch wireless remote wiring diagram. Now give a connection according to the diagram. You need to join the remote’s antennae with the alligator clip.

The size of the antennae should be 2 times more than the usual length. Keep the antennae always in an upper-facing position.

Setting up  Remote Again

If you’re still facing issues with your remote, try rebooting the remote. Does it solve the problem? If not, then try reconnecting the remote controller with the winch again.

Here’s how to pair again-

  • The pairing process is the same as other Bluetooth or remote controllers. You’ve to hold the power buttons for around twenty seconds. Then you’ll see a blink of an led light. Now hold both the buttons up to the led flashing and coming back again.
  • If you found this difficult, there is an alternative way. Disengage and pull out all the cables from the battery. And connect them after a few minutes.

Water Damage

Water particles are very harmful to electrical and battery-powered devices. The Badland Winch remote is not waterproof. Always keep your winch remote safe from any kind of watery particles.

If by any chance they come in contact with fluids or water gets inside them, quickly clean them with a soft dry cloth.

Keep the Winch Remote Clean

You should always keep your Badland winch remote clean. No matter what the situation is, dust particles may enter and create a problem if they remain in untidy areas.

For cleaning, open the solenoid box of the winch remote. The remotes may not work even for badland winch solenoid problems. If you don’t find any problem with the solenoid box, just clean the base with a dry cloth and lubricant.

Less Responsive

Suppose you’re using your winch remote, and after pressing the button, it takes a while to spool in or out the winch cable. Then this might be a responsive problem in the remote. Well, there may be a couple of reasons behind it.

  • If you’re standing too far (more than the range of remote), this problem can be seen.
  • The second reason is if your remote controller battery doesn’t have adequate charge. The remote cannot fully function if it has a low charge. So do give it a check.

Universal Winch Remote

A universal remote can solve the problem if you’re looking for a badland 2500 winch remote replacement. As it’s universal, they can match with any Badland remote. But the wiring may be different. So you might need expert help to set it up.


As you’ve already learned about the issues and troubleshooting related to the badland winch remote not working, so why not give it a go? We hope this article was detailed enough to help you understand everything.

Although we don’t recommend doing everything on your own. So if you’re not sure of it, take it to a mechanic. But we are hopeful that you can do it. Good luck!