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Basketball betting strategies

Basketball is a dynamic sport. Because of this feature, it has a lot of fans around the world. After all, it is always interesting to watch the game, because the results of matches are unpredictable, and the situation on the court can change in a few minutes.

Furthermore, basketball is popular not only among spectators. It is also an interesting sports discipline for those who like enjoying the thrill and excitement of placing bets in betting offices. After all, you can bet on this sport not only before the game starts, but also online.

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This service enables the latter to:

  • get acquainted with the results of the previous games;
  • analyze head to head meetings of teams and their performance;
  • find out the physical fitness of the teams;
  • compare odds of bookmakers for a specific event;
  • study statistics;
  • get acquainted with the calendar of upcoming matches;
  • analyze the game and determine the most profitable bets without outside assistance;
  • use forecasts of the platform experts and much more.

All of the above will help users succeed in basketball betting over the long run, especially if the analysis of events is supported by specific strategies that increase the likelihood of success.

There are lots of basketball betting strategies nowadays. Many of them are based on pre-match analysis, but still, the vast majority of bets on basketball competitions are placed during the match because it is much easier to predict the outcome while observing the events on the court.

It is on this principle that many online basketball betting strategies work. Most often bets are made by quarters.

Basketball betting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports. This discipline attracts betters not only with its visual appeal and agility but also with its great variability of bets.

In basketball, you can bet on a wide range of handicaps and totals from the additional list of events. Betting is available both on the outcomes of the entire match, as well as on individual indicators or even on time intervals. Bookmakers often offer many unique bets on large-scale events, for example, bets on individual player performance.

Betting on separate quarters has become quite a find. If bettors understand this discipline, during the match they can “catch” high odds or even find many unique offers that were not on the list of the bookmaker before the start. There is another point that makes deals on the outcomes of quarters or half of the match also unique – bettors can win even if the team of their choice loses at the end of the battle.

The idea of the online quarter betting strategy

This strategy is suitable for betting against a favorite as well as an outsider. The only difference is how gainful each option is in the long run.

As a rule, low odds are given for the wins of favorites, even when it comes to quarters, and especially if the battle is with an obvious underdog. Therefore, if the bet loses the player will have to win back the loss for a long time due to low odds.

When it comes to betting on the victory of an outsider in a certain quarter, the situation is different. Such cases are not uncommon in modern basketball and can bring good profits for bookmakers’ clients because very good odds are almost always offered for underdogs. In most cases, the success of a weaker team is estimated as 2.0+, and in some situations, it even exceeds 3.0. This is where the temptation arises to guess the quarter in which the favorite can give the initiative to the outsider.

Experienced bettors have already guessed that this strategy is used in tandem with “catch up”. This means that in case of failure, the amount of the next bet should be increased to recover the loss and to make a profit.

Advantages of a quarter-betting strategy for an outsider to win the game

Bettors can see a number of advantages in using the strategy of betting by quarters. These bets are profitable to be placed due to the following factors:

  • the favorite rarely wins all four quarters of the match, except in some cases where another team is obviously inferior in skill;
  • having reached a comfortable pull away in the starting quarters, the favorite can relax and save energy, thus giving the initiative to the underdog, or even give the substitute basketball players an opportunity to play;
  • bookmakers do not always have time to make correct assessments of the teams’ strengths during the game, which results in favorable handicaps, and experienced cappers successfully use them.

It is much more difficult to predict the winner of a quarter than to predict the outcome of a match. This is the reason a bettor has more chances to win over a bookmaker. But this unpredictability is also a disadvantage for betting fans. It is not always easy to predict when an outsider will get the chance, thus not all bets will be the winning ones. Therefore, the strategy of betting on the quarters is used in tandem with the “catch-up”.

Here is an example of the idea of this tactic: if a bet was placed on the underdog victory in the first quarter and it did not win, a bettor needs to make a similar bet on the second quarter, but at the same time increase the bet amount to recover the previous loss. If the bet did not win in the second quarter, the bettor should increase the bet size even more and place it in the third quarter.


The quarter strategy in basketball betting is a successful tool in the hands of skilled bettors. It provides the opportunity to get a stable profit from betting.

However, this theory also has significant disadvantages. To bet successfully, bettors should have at least some basic knowledge about this sport, as well as be able to correctly analyze errors found in the bookmaker’s odds.

But the main disadvantage is the catch-up tactics. Speaking long-term, bettors can run into a series of failures, which will lead to the loss of the entire game pot.