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Bathroom Remodeling 101: How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

A small bathroom, whether it’s a tiny powder room or a shower cubicle that’s practically on top of the toilet, may make morning and evening routines less attractive and, more crucially, less efficient. But you don’t have to allow a lack of room to prevent you from living large.

Consider the following words of wisdom before you throw up the towel and hire a broker to find you a new apartment. All you need are some chic style suggestions and a can-do attitude to make your tiny bathroom appear as beautiful as its much larger equivalents.

We’ve compiled a list of simple storage and design ideas that will make you forget how small your bathroom is.

Replace Swinging Doors: Substituting hinges and installing pocket doors at the entry or closet enclosures saves a significant amount of useable space in a tiny bathroom.

Maintain a Limited Palette: Elizabeth Cooper used an ice pale blue paint hue on the cabinet doors to highlight the deep blue veining in the marble surfaces. Leaving some of the wall unpainted produces a soothing effect that prevents pattern-pushing tiny spaces from becoming overpowering.

Only keep anything that you Like: You can make a bathroom more functional by placing a thin shelf over the sink for storing small essentials such as skin care products, cotton swabs, and other items. However, pick goods with attractive packaging so that you don’t have to conceal them away.

Look for Space Savers: Everything in a small bathroom should have a purpose while also being attractive. Even the wall hook, for example, is ideal for small areas. It includes numerous swiveling prongs for extra hand towels, as you can see if you look closely.

Store toilet paper in bins: Put toilet paper and other personal hygiene products in baskets or containers to keep them hidden, then tuck them neatly beneath the sink.

Make Use of a Large Mirror: A wall-to-wall mirror will always provide the impression of more space.

You should hang curtains strategically: Try a curtain that appears more like a drape than a plastic shower curtain, and hang two from either side so you can tuck them away when you wish.

Make a statement with a gallery wall: There is no such thing as a little space too small for artwork. In fact, because vertical space is all you have to show off your style, tiny rooms are sometimes the best places to exhibit objects on the walls.

Corners with Curves: By making the edge of your vanity soft and rounded, you’ll gain back room and be less prone to bump against it when you’re in a hurry.

Add a Floating Shelving Unit in your bathroom: A floating shelf in a tiny powder room will come in handy for necessities like washcloths, hand soap, candles, and tissues. Choose a texture-rich wallpaper if there isn’t much area for interesting décor.

Increase the size of sink surfaces: A lengthy design, rather than a double sink vanity, might save you a lot of space. The sink and countertop are all one piece, and it’s long enough for two people to prepare themselves at the same time.

Set up Glass Shower Doors: Instead of cloudy glass or gloomy curtains, choose glass doors. It will make the shower feel more like dwelling space.

Maintain it bright and light: Some may argue that an all-white bathroom is dull, but a natural stone countertop and accompanying trim, light wood cabinets, and graphic floor tiles make any tucked away area appear bigger and brighter.

And, if possible, collaborate with your designer and builder to devise a smart arrangement that makes use of your space’s unusual shape.

Disguise your storage space: A mirror placed at an angle over a corner sink optimizes every inch of space in this compact powder room. The Wedgwood plates and circular accent table assist to balance and lend beauty to the otherwise boxy space. Also, provide a little table for extras.

Choose a modest table with an open base to avoid crowding. It will provide you with a place to place periodicals, flowers, or candles.

Make use of bins and baskets: Keep open shelves tidy with wicker baskets and bowls. Shelves are elegant, but the absence of cabinetry limits storage capacity; containers will suffice.


With Victoria Plum, transforming your small bathroom into anything you like can be possible. Just keep in mind these helpful tips when you’re planning to renovate your tiny bathroom into a much more glamorous and stylish lavatory.