‘Beat Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’: Billboards directed at Travis Kelce pop up around Minneapolis with his Chiefs in town to face Vikings as Minnesotans wonder if singer will be in attendance

  • Another billboard made fun of the nickname Aaron Rodgers gave to Kelce 
  • It’s not clear if Swift will be in attendance at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis 
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Minneapolis is giving a mixed welcome to the visiting Kansas City Chiefs just before they play the Minnesota Vikings – with one particular player targeted in billboards.

While the city waits with baited breath to see if the pop superstar will show her face, billboards have both welcomed – and mocked – Chiefs All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce.

One billboard for a local radio station simply read ‘Beat Taylor’s Boyfriend’ on a purple background – the colors of the Vikings.

Another ad from pharmaceutical company Pfizer said ‘Welcome’ with a jersey saying ‘Mr Pfizer 87’ on the back.

The latter billboard is a reference to the nickname granted to him by injured Jets quarterback and noted anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers.

Billboards mocking Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce popped up around Minneapolis

Others, like this one from Pfizer, played into the media circus surrounding Kelce's visit

Others, like this one from Pfizer, played into the media circus surrounding Kelce’s visit

Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift

The city is waiting to see if Kelce’s girlfriend, pop superstar Taylor Swift, will show up 

Rodgers gave Kelce that nickname after the tight end began appearing in  that company’s advertisements for their Covid-19 vaccine.

Kelce’s quickly developing romance with Taylor Swift has captured the attention of sports fans across the country.

Swift has appeared at back-to-back Chiefs games in the past few weeks. First, she was on hand for a home game against Chicago. 

Then, Swift followed that up with a road trip to MetLife Stadium for the contest against the Jets.

It isn’t confirmed if Swift will be around for this game in Minnesota – with no previously announced or leaked visit being made public knowledge. 

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