Beautiful Resorts for Stay in Jim Corbett

The Himalayas is the beautiful house of a diversified range of flora and fauna. Among these, Jim Corbett is the real star, and the best way to enjoy this place is by staying in the world-class resorts in Jim Corbett. For instance, Corbett Fun Resort, Lemon Tree Premier, Corbett Machaan Resort, and many more. These places offer amicable hospitality, striking views, and exceptional settings.

The hotel plays an important role in making your trip a successful one. They are ideally located amid cascading rivers, thick forest, panoramic views of the peak of the Shivalik range, and other phenomenal views. Each Corbett Resort has something unique to offer to its voyager and cater to every need of its stayer. Live in the middle of the jungle and enjoy the glimpse of the wandering tuskers at night. Soothe your soul, body, and mind by staying in any of the following rejuvenating resorts and make it a memorable one.

The Golden Tusk Corbett

The Golden Tusk Corbett is an astounding resort in Jim Corbett enveloped by the panoramic view of the countryside and landscaped terrain of the Himalayas. It contains suites that exude regalia and grace. If you stay in this rejuvenating place, you get to enjoy a background of calm woods, flora, and fauna. It is basically the best holiday spot that perfectly blends nature and comfort in the appropriate ratio. Moreover, each room is strategically designed keeping in mind the tiring days of travelers.

Further for adding to your experience, the resort offers a guided walk around nature like Bahera, Rohini, Sal Haldu, and Kusum Vegetation. It also provides full-body massages and additional therapy for minimal charges to release all your stress. Overall speaking, the resort will ensure you have the best stay experience ever.

Corbett Fun Resort

Corbett Fun Resort is a delightful resort situated at a considerable distance near the Corbett National Park. It has earned the reputation of being the best luxurious resort that offers top-notch hospitality at reasonable rates. It has different ranges of rooms for different range of customers. Moreover, every room of the luxurious resort is perfectly designed for a comfortable stay and spectacular views. The little cottages with the jungle as its surroundings and soft breezes of the mountains are what most people desire. So make sure to consider this as your next stay in Jim Corbett.

Corbett Machaan Resort

Word Machaan in the name of this resort perfectly justifies it as it offers wilderness along with luxury. The place makes sure that you enjoy the authentic jungle experience with mouthwatering cuisine, luxury accommodation, and recreational facilities. It makes it possible by giving AC huts or villas amidst natural vegetation and birds. Also, it provides you with the opportunity to see the wildlife from the resort. It is a perfect addition to the magnificence of the natural environment.

Corbett Tusker Trail Resort

This beautiful and exotic resort is located in the middle of the wilderness. The place serves as an ideal location for those who want to admire nature from up close. The jungle surrounds the resort; plus, there is a beautiful misty view of the charming National Park. With such proximity to the Jim Corbett National Park, this resort is the perfect place for most travelers without any second thought. The architecture has beautifully played with the property’s interiors by combining both modern and rustic looks. Moreover, the rooms seem like having a splendid affair with the greens of nature. Such heavenly rooms and the mystical views of the forest make it the best option for you to stay in Jim Corbett.

La Tigre Resort

La Tigre Resort is located remarkably close to the natural beauty of the lush greenery of the Jim Corbett National Park. It is the perfect place where you can bask in the bright sun rays and enjoy chirping birds. Towering mountains and beautiful forests make the backdrop of this picturesque resort. Moreover, during your luxurious stay, you also enjoy exotic mixed shrubs, mango trees, rich flora, and many more stunning features of the Himalayas. Apart from this, the resort allows you to wake up listening to the gentle sound of the Ramganga River and the sweet voice of the birds. Moreover, there is no problem relating to the stay as the property holds several spacious rooms and spectacular cuisine.

Lemon Tree Premier

Lemon Tree Premier is another unspeakable resort in Jim Corbett nestled amidst dense Sal Trees and lush greenery of Corbett National Park. It is a lavish eco-friendly retreat for nature lovers. The retreat has an alluring view of the Shivalik Mountains and the verdant forest around it. Moreover, it also offers its stayers to enjoy the tranquillity of the diversified flora and fauna. Also, the property has many plush and comfortable rooms with a picturesque view of the riverside and the greens. In addition, you will also get the facility of spa, swimming pool and much more during your stay. So if you choose this resort, it will be going to be the best stay for you.