Beauty buys: How to hit the right note on Father’s Day

From sporty to fresh, here’s how to hit the right note on Father’s Day

With a fierce chilli pepper top note, Guerlain L’Homme Ideal L’Intense has a smoky dry-down with tonka bean and vanilla. £59, 

A wonderful reworking of the 2010 original, Chanel Bleu de Chanel explores the more intense qualities of cedar. £76,

Michael Kors Extreme Speed sounds hardcore and devilish, but it’s a herbal hit with coriander and sage softening into a cedar and patchouli base. £45, 

A classic composition of bergamot and vanilla, Mont Blanc Legend Night also boasts an apple note that gives the fragrance an element of gentle freshness. £46, 

Prada Luna Rossa Black is an intense aroma that blends patchouli and woody amber. £55.50,

Aiming to be both ‘raw and noble’, Dior Sauvage features ambergris and bergamot. £54, 

Grown-up Givenchy Gentleman warms to leather and patchouli. £49.50,