BEAUTY CLINIC: Dry and dull hair

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Q: My mid length hair is still pretty dry and dull after the long summer. I find most moisturising hair care either doesn’t really do the biz and/or weighs it down. Is there something you can recommend, preferably natural?

A Over exposure to the sun is a major cause of dry, damaged and frazzled hair, according to hair stylist Daniel Galvin Junior, founder of certified organic haircare line OrganicHead. ‘But don’t forget over washing and over use of heated appliances, as well as environmental damage such as pollution build up and the effects of central heating and air conditioning,’ he adds.

‘When hair becomes dry and parched it becomes dull, lacklustre and unmanageable due to the cuticle layer of the hair being damaged,’ Daniel says. ‘To improve the condition of dry, brittle hair it is essential to treat the cuticle layer so your hair becomes more manageable and also smoother, which will boost gloss and also luminosity as it reflects light more.’ He explains that the cuticle layer is made up of protein-based scales, which need to be nourished and healthy so they all lie evenly.

It is important to put back into the hair what everyday living takes out. We’re huge advocates of hair masks to improve the condition of dry, damaged hair. Using a deep conditioning treatment regularly – twice a week post summer and weekly the rest of the time – will help replenish moisture and nourish the hair.

Daniel’s OrganicHead Argan Oil Detox Hair Masque, £7 for 150ml, from, is one of our must-use organic hair heroes. It leaves hair looking like we want it to look – glossy, healthy and also bouncy, no mean feat with an intensive conditioning treatment. That’s due, Daniel says, to the way his masque deep cleanses the scalp and removes product build up as well as nourishing and hydrating. 

You can supercharge your at home deep conditioning treatment by applying a generous amount of mask to the hair then wrapping a damp warm towel round like a turban. Leave for 20 to 30 minutes. (Try lying in a nice steamy bath with a face mask on too, for double duty beauty time…) The heat from the towel will help activate the cuticle layer and lock in moisture. Heat also helps lift any stubborn cuticle layers allowing the mask treatment to penetrate the hair shaft to give you shiny, healthy locks.

Beauty Bible loves… Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette, £60. Not the first multi-eyeshadow palette on the market. We all know that. But ‘cmon. This. Is. From. Charlotte. Tilbury!

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette , £60

And after a flash, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it launch on Charlotte’s website recently, the Instant Eye Palette is now on sale more widely. What singles it out from the crowd – quite apart from the super-smooth texture of the buildable shadows – is the way it’s divided into different ‘looks’, to make it simple to know what to apply when: Day, Desk, Date and Disco. Basically, all of life’s ‘occasions’, covered, in one palette.

It’s fair to say you’d probably never need to go eyeshadow shopping ever again.

(Although most of us could say that about shoes, too. So we’ll never say never – but you get our drift…)