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Beauty Knowhow: The A-list lash lift 

Beauty Knowhow: The A-list lash lift

Many women proclaim mascara to be their ultimate desert island beauty product. But a recent report from Business of Fashion reveals that we may be falling out of love with it. While it’s still one of the biggest beauty categories, according to market research analyst Euromonitor, growth is expected to slow in the next few years. BoF points out that some of the most popular brands of the moment (think Fenty and Huda Beauty) do not include mascara in their offerings.

Lash treatments, tints, lifts and extensions, however, are on the up, with this kind of lash enhancement skyrocketing in the past two to three years. So we sent along YOU’s beauty assistant Alice Robertson to try the Nouveau Lashes LVL (length, volume and lift) treatment at Karen Betts Clinic, 1 Harley Street, London W1 to see if she could be convinced to ditch her favoured Benefit Rollerlash mascara.

Why do it? The promise of perfectly curled and tinted lashes for six to eight weeks sans make-up is a big draw – and no worries about mascara running or feeling make-up heavy in the heat. You can still wear mascara on top and one sweep will give your lashes maximum flutter appeal. Waterproof mascara is a no-no with extensions, but you can use it with the LVL treatment without any concern. The clinic recommends using a serum to maintain lash condition, which I have been doing.

How long does it take? An hour to an hour and a half, including make-up removal and consultation, where thickness and length of your eyelashes along with desired impact are taken into account.

What actually happens? Your eyelashes are attached to a curved shield on your lids before different creams are applied to first loosen, then heal, the bonds within each lash – similar to a perm. After a quick tint and condition, you’re ready to go! Keeping your lashes clean, dry and make-up free for 48 hours means you can reap the benefits for several weeks.

Does it hurt? No – though the sensation is undeniably strange, it is not uncomfortable.

Is it worth it? Definitely – the difference was striking. I didn’t have to bother with a full face of make-up and the effect on my lashes was dramatic. Lots of people noticed and gave me compliments. Several weeks later, the effects are still in full force. I’d certainly do LVL again for holidays or a special event.

From £45, For more details of the process, go to



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Mad for mascara?

If you want to stick to mascara then these two new launches are making us love it all over again.

Nars Climax is an innovative whipped formula delivered on a full brush, which means that it lengthens without weighing down lashes, lends volume and gives a gentle curl. You barely feel as though you are wearing mascara at all. Plus it comes in groovy red packaging. £21,

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash The handle is a triangular shape which makes application easier. The brush has long bristles on one side to give a good sweeping coat to lashes but shorter ones on the other side so you can apply to lower lashes, and the formula is easy to build up. £25,