BEAUTY THERAPY: A masterclass in colour 

BEAUTY THERAPY: A masterclass in colour

‘I tend to steer clear of bold eyeshadows, but these are more of a hint than a holler’

There’s an art to applying spring’s fresh palette   

I’m currently enjoying feeling a tad painterly when it comes to my make-up choices, and two of my three new favourites convey a definite watercolour vibe. Enter Skywash from Glossier (£15,, a sheer matt lid tint.

It looks much like a lip gloss, and boasts a doe-foot applicator, but it’s all about the eyelids. I tend to steer clear of bold colour when it comes to eyeshadow, but with these I’ve actually gone for blue, official name Pool, because it’s the lightest, fluffiest shade you could hope to find – more of a hint than a holler. There are six more to choose from, ranging from taupe to peach to green. It has a light sort of swooshy, watery texture too – so no dragging on the eyelids – and you can build the colour but it remains relatively understated in its hue.

In a similar vein, but a different format, is Sainsbury’s Boutique Waterproof Eyeshadow Pencil (£3.50, I rate a lot of Sainsbury’s own-brand make-up and this really is excellent for the price.

Upon application its texture feels more substantial than the Glossier offering, and it definitely requires a bit of rubbing in (although the long-lasting formula helps to prevent it from creasing). However, the effect is subtle, more of a suggestion of pigment around the eyes. There are six rather classic shades to choose from – I like Charcoal and Champagne. Also on an arty tip (albeit more oblique) is the Pür Cosmetics Blushing Act Skin Perfecting Powder (£22, This compact colour looks almost impressionistic with a subtle pattern of blooms rippling across its surface. A dusting of this provides you with a natural finish and is ideal for a spring blush refresh. It’s available in two shades: Berry Beautiful and – my choice – Pretty in Peach.

Guerlain’s new Rouge G De Guerlain Lipstick Case (£20, )

Guerlain’s new Rouge G De Guerlain Lipstick Case (£20, )

Cherries to cherish 

Continuing on an arty theme, I’m somewhat obsessed with Guerlain’s new Rouge G De Guerlain Lipstick Case – super-stylish and incorporating a practical flip-up mirror.

The cases can be bought separately (£20, and come in a wealth of covetable designs, but the latest, Cherry Chic, featuring a cherry blossom pattern, is truly charming.

Visit, use @theinkeylist for other platforms or email

Visit, use @theinkeylist for other platforms or email

Skincare goes social

I’ve mentioned before that The Inkey List is a good, impartial resource for those confused about skincare. Now it’s making its #askinkey offering more official and has launched the Knowledge is Your Power campaign, showcasing the skincare stories of 11 Inkey devotees and making its knowhow even more accessible. So wherever you are you can contact them on various platforms and they’ll give you independent ingredient, product and regimen advice. Visit, use @theinkeylist for other platforms or email