BEAUTY THERAPY: My one-pot wonders

BEAUTY THERAPY: My one-pot wonders

Need a pick-me-up for a thirsty complexion? These are my three favourite old-school face masks  

I love a face mask. And while I know the groovy approach is the sheet variety, I’m a tad conflicted about them. I think a lot of product gets wasted and, since so few of them seem to be biodegradable, I imagine a giant landfill of them somewhere – probably next to a paper pants mountain from spas.

So here are three masks in a pot that I’m really enjoying. First up: Formula Hydrating Face Mask (£14, It has a light gel texture which isn’t normally my favourite but this one pleases me as it isn’t too jelly-like, and comes with hyaluronic acid (for moisture boosting) and rose water (to hydrate, soothe – and smell good!). It’s a ten-to-15-minute application before cleansing off. I often put it on in the bath and it leaves my skin looking perkier and fresher.

Next is L’Occitane Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask (£32, This is one you leave on overnight yet it’s very lightweight (also silicone-free if that’s a bonus for you) or it can be used as a quick hydration-booster too. It boasts Réotier spring water which is rich in calcium and, though I can’t say for certain that’s what makes the difference, I’m sure that after using it I could notice a positive difference in the plumpness of my skin.

Lastly, for a bit of indulgence, you could opt for Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask (around £73,, a once-a-week treatment for thirsty skin (mine always seems to be gasping). It has a slightly sticky texture, so definitely needs a good flannel to remove, but smells delicious – like a summer holiday – and is a treat to use.

 An instant skin-softener

Le Couvent des Minimes is a largely natural, vegan brand based around botanicals – probably best known for its fragrances. 

That, too, applies to its Botanicum Oleum dry body oil (£35,, made from seven botanical oils that promise to deliver ‘softening, nourishing and protecting benefits’ (it’s also suitable for hair). 

It smells wondrous, partly thanks to the amaranth flowers that bob around in the bottle releasing their supposed antioxidant properties – but think more an intriguing herbal scent than sweet floral aromas.

The texture has also won me over. It really does absorb immediately and doesn’t leave the skin looking or feeling in the slightest bit greasy – yet still gives that delicate sheen that a good oil can. 

As we head towards British Summer Time that will no doubt become more important.