Beginner’s Guide to Casino – 5 Legit Casino Strategies You Can Use

Online casino platforms offer a wide range of games to entice everyone from hard-hitters dreaming of a jackpot to people simply enjoying a night out.

Whether you’re a beginner, a veteran, or a novice, it is important to know valuable tricks to make your time at a casino more lucrative and enjoyable.

Don’t leave with the impression that one strategy can take you wherever you need, though – there’s no size fits all when it comes to gambling. Each game you will play has a different little strategic maneuver that you can use to improve your game.

Check Your Online Betting Laws

Different states have different gambling regulations. Read the rules before embarking on your gambling journey. For instance, the legal gambling age varies. Make sure you check with your local regulator to elucidate such intricacies.

Some of the biggest casinos operate in multiple states – for instance, legit operators allow free gambling on slots through bonuses for new players from Netherland, another European country.

What are you? 

Casino punters usually fall into one of two groups. These people either play one casino game all the time or play many different games. Online gamblers, however, have all something in common. Most hard-hitters are losing more cash than they win. And that echoes truth for both specialist and generalist gamblers.

If you’re playing more than one game, and win perhaps you’re a generalist casino player. However, that’s the hard path. The easier one is to become a specialist.

A sure way to master a casino game is to spend all of your time focusing on it. But be wary – you will still have to choose the right game – one that you feel confident with and passionate about. If you divide your attention between two or more games, it’s going to take longer to master a game.

Gambling is 100% based on math. 

Most online casino players don’t care much for math, and some simply hate using it. The thing is, online casino gambling is entirely based on math. The combination of these two things is one of the main reasons why casino operators are so lucrative.

To get it right, you need to learn what the house edge and return to player percentage are, then learn how to better use these numbers when you wager.

Every operator has a house edge and a return to player percentage. When you add these two numbers together, they always equal 100%. This is helpful because when you have one number, you can easily determine the other.

The RTP or return to player percentage describes the percentage of all the wagered money a casino or slot game will pay back to you over time.

Simply put, the higher percentage, the more often you will win in the long run. At 100%, the chances of a win are equal to that of your operator. If your RTP climbs above 100%, it means that that operator actually lost money to you on the game over the time period concerned.

Learn how to predict loses 

Another step is to use either the house edge percentage or RTP to predict how much you’re going to lose when you gamble. To find out, you will need a few pieces of information:

  1. Either the house edge or the RTP
  2. The average size of your wagers
  3. The number of wagers you’re going to make

If you have the RTP, subtract it from 100% to obtain the house edge percentage. If your RTP is 99%, the house edge is 1%.

Here you can multiply the house edge times the average size if your eager time the number of wagers you’re planning to make. In this case, you can expect to lose about $50.

Don’t Get Greedy

Online operators are trashing out profits every second that they’re open. One of the reasons is that they provide games with a house edge. However, that isn’t the only way that operators can make profits.

An easy way to tell if something the operators are offering is making them win in some way. If the operator is offering, the chances are quite high that they’re offering out a way to make a profit from it – it can be something simple as free drinks or comps programs.

Don’t get it wrong. You should not accept the coms and free drinks, but these are offered simply because it’s more money-spinning to offer them. Also, avoid playing longer just to get more comps, and avoid drinking too much if you want to make really smart decisions.

For Slot Enthusiasts: 

Slot machines are the most popular and enjoyable form of casino gambling.

The idea is simple: Push a button, win or lose; repeat.

If you’re eager enough to learn how to play casino in 5 steps, then you should be ready for anything this game has to offer.

So how do online slots work anyway? 

As we’ve previously mentioned, regardless of the operator you choose, the house edge can vary by casino, but typically it’s about 10%.

In slots, it’s pure luck as opposed to skill games like poker and blackjack. With slots, the win is determined by a random generator, so the second you hit the button, the RNG will determine what symbols will be displayed and where you lose or win.

A smart move when playing online slots is to stick with maximum payout. A reason for this being that there is a great chance for you to win with a fixed maximum payout machine than with progressive jackpots.

Of all the players wagering for that huge jackpot, your chances of winning on a progressive game of slots are lower compared to a payout machine. You should remember that you’re going to lose some games – no matter how good you are or how much experience you got, the odds are always stacked in favor of the operator. A sure way to win is to choose games with smaller jackpots.