Belmont Stakes 2021 Betting Information

The Belmont Stakes is regarded as the most significant leg of the Triple Crown since it can either make or break a potential champion. This race has hosted many victorious feats of thoroughbreds like the Triple Crown success of American Pharoah and Victor Espinoza.

In American Racing, Belmont Stakes is one of the sports events with high ratings on NBC. Apparently, along with the growing viewership of the race comes the growing population of the bettors.

Why You Should Bet on Belmont

Horse racing is one of the popular sports in America though the viewers are not so much as to sports events like NBA and NFL. However, this year’s season isn’t suspended even amid the pandemic.

In the Triple Crown series, Belmont Stakes is the concluding race to determine the sporting event’s champion. Of course, each leg offers different stakes for the spectators. Now, you can snatch this opportunity to win in several competitions offered.

Horse racing is called “Sport of Kings” because this is popularized by the aristocrats and nobles in England. Today, many have learned to ride horses and even became celebrated jockeys. Betting on horses can make you feel like a king because of its royal history.

It is the betting mechanics of horse racing that makes it appealing to its spectators. In ancient times, betting on horse racing is all about who finishes the race first. Today, it’s no longer solely about who will come first in the track.

Of course, you can still wager for a bet on a horse that you think will complete the race first. More than this, you can now predict the places that a horse could achieve in the race.

Betting on horses on a prestigious platform like the Belmont Stakes offers you different bets with various prize money, so you better learn all you need to know in this sporting event.

Most Popular Bets in the Leg

Because Belmont Stakes is considered the biggest horse racing competition in North America, fans worldwide are counting the days until the actual race. We know that you’re also anticipating it, so here the most popular bets to serve as your guide in the upcoming event.

Outright Winner

In sports with three or more participants, outright betting is deemed the most popular. In the US, it is referred to as money line betting. These bets are preferably placed on full competitions rather than single matches. Usually, outright bets are set before the event.

Placing an outright bet on the winner is quite simple. All you have to do is add your choice to your betting slip, choose your stake, and place the bet. If your horse comes first, profit is guaranteed.


Each-way bet is the second most popular bet on our list. Basically, this bet is a sort of assurance if you’re doubtful of your selection’s capability to finish first in the race.

There are two parts in an each-way bet. These are the win bet and the place bet. You’ll need to place two bets of the same amounts—the first on a pick to win while the second is on the same pick to place. Apparently, “win” means the horse needs to finish the race first. The “place” means that the horse will only need to secure any top positions in the race.

Forecast Bet

Forecast betting is about making a prediction on which horse will finish first, second, and sometimes third in the event. Most of the time, bets are set on the first two horses to reach the finish line in the correct order as predicted. If the outcome has favored your prediction, then you won.

For a double price, you can bet on a reverse forecast. It’s like the version of each-way in the forecast. You’ll only have to pick two horses to place first and second in the race. If the two selections place either first or second, you win the bet.

Tricast Bet

Now, if you want to level up the thrill, you can choose the tricast bet and pick three horses to finish first, second, and third in the race. The main rule here is that you have to predict the horses’ correct positions in the final outcome.

It’s really hard to trust your predictions for this type of bet, but it offers handsome odds. If you don’t want to wager on this tricky bet, you can try combination tricast. This type of bet gives you a little insurance since you can pick the top 3 finishers of the race in no particular order. However, the bet is six times worth of the regular tricast bet.

Both forecasts and tricasts can be used in various ways depending on your preference as a bettor. Keep in mind that a straight tricast can be used if you favor minimal stakes with a good chance of winning. On the other hand, combination bets are preferred if you want to back outsiders with a great potential of becoming victorious.

Final Thoughts

With the common types of bets mentioned above, you’re now ready to speculate in Belmont Stakes 2021. The event will happen this June 5 at the Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. With an empty crowd last year, fans will be able to witness the race this year with an attendance limit still to observe health protocols against Covid-19.