Ben Ikin: Why the boss of Queensland footy had a VERY embarrassing moment at the State of Origin after his team smashed NSW

  •  QLD Rugby League CEO Ben Ikin was denied access at Accor Stadium
  •  Ikin didn’t have his pass with him when trying to get into restricted area
  •  Security were told who he was but insisted he find himself a pass

Queensland Rugby League CEO Ben Ikin had a moment he’d rather forget at Wednesday night’s State of Origin, when he was denied entry to the post-match area by security guards.

Ikin, one of the biggest name’s in the game, found himself barred by security because he’d forgotten the necessary pass following Queensland’s 38-10 victory on  at Accor Stadium.

The embarrassing moment was explained during the ‘Ash, Luttsy and Susie O’Neill’ show by Nova 106.9’s Mitch Lewis on Thursday morning.

Lewis was following Ikin at the time, planning to follow him into the Queensland sheds following the match, reported the Courier Mail. 

A security guard denied Queensland Rugby League CEO Ben Ikin (pictured) access to the post-match area at Wednesday’s Origin match

Ikin didn't have his pass on him at the time and didn't protest the security guard's decision

Ikin didn’t have his pass on him at the time and didn’t protest the security guard’s decision

‘I’m showing my card to get into the media area, and Ben Ikin is there and I’m like, “I’m just going to ride his coat-tails”, even if I don’t make the press conference, if I can get into the Queensland sheds, behind the CEO of Queensland Rugby League’ Lewis explained.

‘I’m shaking hands with him, and we walk down and then the seccy’s (security guards) pulled us up and he (Ikin) said, “Ah, sorry, I’m I haven’t got my pass”, and he (the security guard) said “upstairs you go”.’

Onlookers, including footy great Brett Kimmorley, witnessed the awkward moment and protested to the security guard – but it did no good.

‘Mate, he’s the boss of Queensland Rugby League,’ Kimmorley told him. 

The security guard pointed out that Ikin didn’t have his pass, so he couldn’t be let through.

‘That’s fair enough, he’s doing his job,’ Ikin told Lewis, accepting his fate.

Lewis then decided to go through on his own and catch up with the CEO of Queensland rugby league later on. 

‘I said “thanks man, I’ll go, I guess I’ll see you after Ben”, said Lewis.

Ikin eventually found his way into the restricted area to celebrate with the players

Ikin eventually found his way into the restricted area to celebrate with the players 

Ikin eventually found a pass and got to join the team to celebrate, but Lewis didn’t see him for another 40 minutes.

Origin will head to the MCG in Victoria for the second match of the 2024 series.