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Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing for Business

As a business grows, so does its lead base.

There is a need for as many potential customers as possible to hear about profitable marketing offers and take that very targeted action. One of the ways to spread information about the company and its offers is Bulk SMS Marketing.

Bulk SMS Marketing is sending a large number of SMS to a pre-assembled base of numbers in order to distribute marketing offers.

If you received an SMS on your phone with the text: “April 1, in honor of the opening of a new store in the Beverly Mall, we made -15% discounts on all products. Come!”, then you can be sure that it was part of the mass SMS service.

This way of communication with customers is great both for a start-up business because it helps to remember a potential client and attract his attention, and for those who have a wide base of regular customers, because it ensures the maintenance of long-term and loyal relationships.

After all, mass mailing to a well-learned audience guarantees a response from subscribers and interest.

In addition, mass SMS mailings have a fairly high percentage of return on investment. All thanks to the low cost of sending SMS, which allows you to reach a large audience and recoup the costs in record time.

By choosing a reliable SMS provider, you will be able to send bulk SMS for business to large audiences in minutes around the world.

Because it is the SMS service provider who establishes contact with telecom operators in different countries, you only provide content and a base for sending text messages.

Communication with customers using SMS can be done in the following cases:

Orders via SMS mailing for business with online sales

Most companies allow customers to make mobile payments using apps. But there are those who give users the opportunity to experience the benefits of SMS services for placing an order.

In the case of a “direct” order, it is much easier for the buyer to indicate the product code in SMS than to fill out endless forms on the site. Phone messaging is one way to simplify the buying process.

SMS mailing for businesses with discount coupons

Creating discount coupons is still such a headache.

But you can greatly simplify this process by sending a unique promotional code to a person on the phone. Such SMS mailing is suitable for both small and large businesses because there are no limits on the number of numbers in the database.

Gifts in SMS mailings: how a business increases customer loyalty

Congratulating customers on their birthday or other holidays is a great way to increase loyalty. ​SMS mailing, in which the business gives bonuses to the recipient, is a common and effective practice.

Give a person a discount or a free service and see how sales increase as loyalty grows. An example of an SMS for a clothing retail business. The company gives the client a discount in honor of his birthday.

Firstly, it will increase the chances that a person will make a purchase in this particular store.

And, secondly, it will increase its loyalty to the brand in the future. Please note that ​the beginning of the store’s SMS offer is personalization – the customer is addressed by name to make communication more pleasant.

SMS Verification for Security-Related Businesses

Often companies use SMS, voice, and missed calls as phone number verification.

This is an effective method to build a client base with 100% real, certified numbers. You’ve experienced this while trying to sign up for Facebook or Twitter or recover your password.

Are your customers concerned about the security of information storage? Then send mobile messages to confirm that the owner of the account is the one in the account. SMS verification reliably protects against hacking or information leakage.

Sending reminder SMS for businesses where attendance is important

The main trouble that prevents the full-fledged work of medical clinics and all commercial structures that build their schedule on the basis of an appointment is absenteeism.

Of course, you can waste time and remind yourself of the meeting using calls and messages. But why, if with the SMS automation service for a business you will significantly reduce the number of these situations.

Schedule an automatic appointment reminder in advance and plan your work schedule smartly.

Short surveys in SMS mailings for businesses that want to become better

Collecting information via SMS may not seem like a particularly good idea.

However, this is a really good way to explore the market in a short amount of time. Companies create surveys in this way that do not require additional resources to register and analyze responses.

Order delivery control in business: SMS mailing will come to help

It has become the norm for Amazon and Argos brands, delivery services, and similar companies to offer customers the ability to follow the progress of the delivery of the order.

In most cases, this is done via SMS. In this way, you can reduce costs due to lost/wrongly delivered goods.

The person will read the SMS and immediately go to pick up the package. He does not need to go to the website of the delivery service every hour to check where the order is. It is enough just to sit and wait for a message on the phone.

Sending SMS with important information for business in the financial sector

The problem of modern communication on the Internet is the abundance of spam. Sadly, SMS lovers are also not spared. After all, here you can also receive unwanted messages of a strange nature.

But for the most part, SMS informing has retained a reputation for reliability.

For example, ​bulk SMS for businesses in the financial sector is not limited to service messages to confirm account login. Banks also send SMS information about the balance on the account or about completed transactions.

These are only a few examples of using Bulk SMS to increase the loyalty and awareness of the clients, so you can do it and earn money as you want.