Benefits of using vitamins for acne

Perfect and radiant skin can make you feel confident and pretty. People spend a considerable amount of money on various beauty and skincare products to achieve a glowing face and to keep common skin problems, like acne and pimples, at bay. Acne is a skin problem that commonly occurs in men and women during puberty. It is caused when the skin pores get blocked due to oil, dirt, or dead skin. Due to the clogged pores, your face may develop painful zits. When a pimple keeps coming back consistently, you develop a condition called acne.  Acne can be painful, and it will leave permanent marks on your skin if you try to pop them; they can occur as cystic or non-cystic acne.

Acne is common during puberty, but sometimes it even continues during adulthood. Adolescent acne occurs mainly due to hormonal changes in the body, but adult acne can happen due to many other factors like:


Stress and tension can lead to acne breakouts. Higher stress levels can release cortisol in the body, which is produced along with some degree of testosterone. This testosterone level can trigger the skin to produce more oil than usual, and cause breakouts.


Pollution is another factor which contributes to acne generation. All the harmful dirt and dust in the air comes in contact with your skin and deposits on the top layer; thereby, infecting the pores on the surface, and causing painful zits.


Although there is no proven evidence for this, eating rich or spicy food items can cause a functional imbalance in the body. Food like caffeine, nuts, and select dairy products, are said to cause allergic reactions to the skin and develop acne breakouts.

Excessive cleansing

If you wash your face excessively, it can cause severe breakouts. Your skin needs to balance the amount of oil that is produced; if you wash your face more than twice a day, it will strip off all the essential oils produced by the sebum gland. Excessive dry skin can lead to the production of redundant oils to compensate for the dryness that can lead to acne formation, as well.

Using chemically harsh products

If you use chemically harsh products on your skin or products that don’t suit your skin type, you may develop skin irritation and acne. When you have an acne problem, it’s always advisable to use natural products as much as possible.

Most of us make the mistake of using various creams and ointments to get rid of acne. These beauty products can come with harmful chemicals that don’t solve the acne problem permanently. When you suffer from acne, your skin is already irritated, and if you apply harmful creams and ointments on it, you’ll end up making your condition worse. Using natural products like vitamins for acne can provide relief against skin irritation that is caused due to breakouts and helps you get rid of the problem permanently.

Vitamin A can reduce the production of sebum within the skin and decreases the formation of acne. Vitamedica’s Healthy Skin Formula is a revolutionary product to eliminate acne and receive glowing skin without any side effects. The product is well suited for acne-prone and problematic skin. The product comes in the form of capsules which you can take twice daily, with water. It’s free from allergic agents like dairy products, soy, seafood, or any other products that can irritate the skin.

The Healthy Skin formula contains Vitamin A plus Betatene, a blend of natural carotenoid which reduces sebum buildup in pores and to regulate the level of testosterone production. The product also has MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) that adds anti-bacterial properties to the formula, and Selenium and Bromelain to reduce inflammation of the skin. The presence of Zinc also helps promote collagen development in the body. The blend of all these essential elements and natural herbs help to detoxify the blood and provide you with acne-free, smooth skin. The product is suitable to use for anyone above 12 years of age.

Nutrient supplements, like Healthy Skin formula, can help reduce skin problems like acne, along with regulating various body functions. Vitamins for acne are essential to repair and maintain epithelial tissues. Various topical acne medications have vitamin A and C as key ingredients since they are responsible for the development of collagen and maintenance of skin cells. Get the best solution for acne with natural supplements and enjoy glowing and spotless skin.