Best 12 AngularJs Frameworks For Web Development in 2021

AngularJs is the most prominent player in the industry of web app development. It is used by well-known companies in the world like PayPal, Udemy, Amazon, Netflix, and even Snapchat that have a generous share of their front-end code written in AngularJs.

For AngularJs, there are so many frameworks available that help in making your app successful. For your business promotion, it is necessary for you to know the cost to hire AngularJs developer so that you can get the best services at cost-friendly prices.

In this guide, we are discussing the top 12 AngularJs frameworks that developers should use while developing web apps. These will help you in making web apps with great features and also let you use some important tools and technologies built for AngularJs. So, let’s start!


Supersonic is the most reputable Angular JS framework that is essentially on account of how strong and powerful it is. It gives many advantages that you use in your web app development. For better optimization, they can also be paired with many web components like HTML, CSS, and many more.


  • Declarative UI
  • Mobile-first CSS
  • SPA (Single Page Application) navigation
  • Uses AngularJS Directives


It is one of the most beneficial AngularJS templates ever developed. Many leading companies of the world like Apple, Netflix, PayPal, and many others use react as it is the most amazing one. If you also want to develop your app in React framework, hire React Native app developers online, they will help you in developing your app more efficiently and economically.


  • Powered by virtual DOM
  • Also uses for mobile app development
  • Quicker and reliable framework.


If you want a framework that is robust and economical as well, go to Ionic. It is popular in creating an amazing user experience with interactive web apps. This framework’s cost to hire AngularJs developer is comparatively lower than others.


  • Maintains HTML and CSS-based mobile apps
  • A vast library of UI components
  • Quick performance

Mobile Angular UI

It is the simplest framework for AngularJs. It is a pleasure to work on this framework when it appears to web elements that we can apply like sidebars, switches, and scrollable areas, and more.


  • Various mobile components
  • Lightweight and fast web app development framework.
  • Supports libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js


This is the most powerful framework in all the frameworks of AngularJs. If you want to have a complex, high-functioning application for your business, know the cost to hire AngularJs developer who has expertise in Radian. It is also very fast and scalable.


  • Created on Asynchronous Module Definitions
  • Open source and has a permissive license.
  • Simple to use data-based code modules.

Angular Foundation

The AngularJs framework utilizes a transformed version of the Foundation framework of Javascript. It is basically famous for making components like dropdowns, alerts, process bars, and triggers, and more.


  • Raises Directives of AngularJs
  • Utilizes custom HTML elements for enhancements.
  • Effective regeneration procedure.

Angular UI Bootstrap

This front-end Angular framework is successful as it provides a number of plug-ins and built-in components to the developers. If you want to know the cost to hire AngularJs developer, it is good to get a company that is dedicated to this.


  • Has a wide sort of UI components like carousels, dropdowns, shade picker, and time picker.
  • Very lightweight framework
  • Very easy to use and learn


If you are dreaming of a responsive web application, this is one for you. Lumx is the earliest framework of AngularJs that helps in making amazing web experiences.


  • It is platform-independent.
  • Created with Sass and Bourbon.
  • It utilizes jQuery to improve the execution of web applications.

Suave UI

It is another AngularJs framework that is known for presenting gorgeous web applications with some amazing features like eye-catching forms, buttons, and grids. By using this framework you can effectively make your web application by adding some interesting things to it.


  • Adopts JS and CSS bundles.
  • Covers the Suave module of AngularJs
  • Creates amazing web apps.


It is the most innovative framework in all the frameworks as it is used to create video-based web apps with simple HTML. To know the cost to hire AngularJs developer for this framework, go to the app development company. This framework works to attract user’s attention by making intellectual video web apps that fascinate them and urge them to stay on your app more.


  • Advances integrations like themes and plugins.
  • Utilizes cue point system to prepare information and determine app behavior.
  • Build attractive video web apps.

Onsen UI

It is one of the oldest frameworks of AngularJs and is the toughest competitor of the Ionic framework. This is popular for making robust web apps for both complex and basic designs.


  • Built using Topcoat (an open-source element library established with traditional HTML and CSS)
  • Carries both Angular JS and jQuery.
  • Has experienced IDES like Monaca to support the developer.

Angular Material

If you are aiming to develop a fast and adaptable web application, this framework is worth choosing. It is an amazingly customized framework that is half the work of developers. Choose this when you want quick access to your app.


  • Accompanies the latest guidelines established by Google Material Design
  • Manages many reusable UI Directives.
  • Advances 30 UI Services and components.


These are some best AngularJs frameworks that you must choose for your web app development. All these frameworks present a different view, and each of them is excellent at whatever they are. Based on your project range and product specifications, recognize which AngularJS framework will guarantee better performance and promote your product for the more desirable results.

If you have any doubt about these, you can also take help from web development companies or hire react developer. They will guide you in selecting the one and also determine the cost to hire AngularJs developer for the same. So, what are you waiting for, if you have your idea about web apps, then make it into action now? These frameworks will help you in building amazing web apps that satisfy your users and also let your business move towards success.


AngularJs is the top name that helps in making robust web applications. It is known as the best framework for building dynamic web apps.  As it has unique functionalities that promote single-page applications, Angular is generally used in large-scale organizations for creating large-scale web applications and of this, there are so many frameworks present for angularJS.

In this guide, we discuss the top 12 AngularJs frameworks that help developers to build amazing web apps with the required tools and technologies. All the mentioned frameworks are best in their own ways but depend on your requirement. So, before choosing any framework for your app, analyze your app requirements first so that you can get a rough idea about what you should choose for your app. This will help you a lot in choosing the accurate one.