Best 5 Joomla Blog Extensions Every Newbie Should Have

If you are thinking to create a Joomla content website for your business then you must be looking for some amazing extensions that will add to the creativity and effectiveness of Joomla blogs such as the listing of comments, author blogs, etc. However to help you and to save your time from unnecessary research, here are the best five extensions for your Joomla blogs. These extensions have importance other than the selection of best Joomla hosting services. Find the following extensions and make a perfect Joomla website for yourself.

  1. K2 – The most popular Joomla extension

K2 is the most popular and yet the most feasible extensions in the list of best Joomla extension. The most significant reason behind its importance is its free availability with a number of features in it. This extension is not only suitable for free services but it is also easy to be used and help the nontechnical person to install and operate easily. This extension also has the feature of providing unlimited designing templates according to the categories.

  1. Komento – Comments organization

Reactions and suggestions on a post are the best way of engaging your audience. In blog writing, comments are the source of connecting writers with their potential audience. Komento is an amazing service that helps you in managing and arranging your comments easily. The service provides tools for migration, comments categorization and complete access to control.

  1. Zoo – The powerful application creator

If you are starting the Joomla blogging for the first time than by using zoo services, you will be able to create amazing and effective content according to your choice. This extension is most suited for creating blogs such as catalog, movie reviewing, portfolio, etc. This extension is easy to be used as it contains managing feature for items, application instances, and navigation.

  1. Easy blog – finest tool for authoring blogs

If you have been using the latest version of CMS of Joomla than you must have identified the improvements in the core features of blogging websites. In addition, with this latest version, the use of the easy blog is a must thing to be used by bloggers. This extension is a set of features that helps a blogger in making the finest content for their blog. It also assists in the integration of social media, team blogging, management for posting and much more.

  1. WordPress for Joomla is the perfect match

WordPress is the best system for managing the blogging system. It is the extension that helps you in managing the perfection of your blog content. Hence, if you are in need of making a Joomla website for yourself than it is the best thing that will help you in making perfect content, without the need of technical skills as this extension is easy to use a domain that assists anyone to use it easily for their Joomla blogging purpose.