Best beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam has long been no longer a second-rate resort. More and more tourists prefer cheap and varied vacations at the resorts of this country. Anyone looking for a little variety and thrills for their life is worth a vacation on the coast of Vietnam.

Today we will try to choose the best beaches in Vietnam, go through their main advantages, and try to find out whether to give preference to this exotic country.

Don’t forget about one unique feature of an Asian country that you need to consider every time you think about a trip. It’s all about the specific geographical location, which left its mark on the climate of Vietnam. While locals and tourists are wrapped in warm clothes in the northern regions, the peak of the tourist season is observed in the central and southern regions. And vice versa. Several months of the year fall during the rainy season, which also falls on a different period depending on the specific region.

But, despite all these subtleties, the bulk of popular resorts are located in the south of the country. It has a more favorable climate for spending a vacation on the beach, and there are always more Russians here. It is worth going to these regions during the period from October to February. It is at this time that the water warms up to a comfortable temperature and the vacation will not be overshadowed by heavy rains, which can last for several days during the wet season.

If you want to combine your vacation with the study of local cuisine, we advise you to consider the town of Phan Thiet. The story says that once on the site of the modern city (today there are tens of thousands of inhabitants) there was a small fishing village, and the main occupation of the local inhabitants was fishing, the catch from which the fishermen distributed to neighboring settlements.

Nowadays, this part of the coast is not deprived of attention by tourists who are happy to bask on the sandy beach, stroll along the cozy streets of the city and admire the colorful ships and fishing boats. If you prefer a more secluded vacation, you can always go to one of the beaches remote from the city. The fishing town is especially popular with foreign tourists. And the locals do not remain in debt.

Mui Ne Beach

Another part of the local coastline, which is known as Mui Ne Beach, is no less popular. Tourists really like to relax in hotels located right on the sea coast, which have personal access to the sea. At the same time, no one limits you in choosing the place you like to get the coveted tan, since the beach is considered common.

You can have a great rest here. This is facilitated by the long and well-equipped coastline, which is dotted with sun loungers, and you can always have a snack in one of the cafes located here.

Evening rest in this part of the country cannot be called monotonous either. Restaurants, night bars, and massage parlors lure tourists with colorful signs and the prospect of spending very boring evenings and nights. If you wish, you can always go to see the local historical and cultural attractions or do one of the water sports.

Surely, Nha Trang is one of the noisiest and funniest resorts in the Asian country. Thousands of tourists come here every year, and everyone is eager to get new emotions and experience the whole variety of local leisure activities in their own skin.

The first thing that catches the eye of a tourist is clear azure water and snow-white sand, on which numerous tourists bask with pleasure. In general, the picture is very similar to a photo collage created with the help of computer editors. The main highlights of these hotels are first-class spa treatments, mud baths, and exciting diving. All this and much more is freely available for every visitor to this part of the Asian country.

Vung Tau

Among the best beaches in Vietnam is the coast of the resort town of Vung Tau, which is located almost 130 km from Ho Chi Minh City. The main advantage of this town is its well-developed infrastructure, as well as the variety of inexpensive boarding houses that used to be elite villas of wealthy residents.

Tourists can choose one of several beaches. There are Front and Back beaches. The first is distinguished by a variety of cafes and restaurants located right on the coast. And for lovers of a more “European” holiday, the back beach will be more to the taste, which stretches for 3 kilometers and is not crowded.

The cultural and entertainment program in Vung Tau is also amazing. Tourists can choose one of the exciting excursions that include acquaintance with local attractions (the complex of Buddhist temples, Hai Dang lighthouse and much more). Nobody will be bored!

Nha Trang Municipal Beach

It is preferable to come to this small resort town in the dry season: from April to October. The rest of the time you will hardly be able to enjoy the delights of a beach holiday due to the frequent rains and stormy sea. The best in Nha Trang is the municipal beach. Its length reaches 7 km. You can sunbathe here for free, but if you want to use a sun lounger and umbrella, you will have to pay a small amount for the rental. It may seem to you that the beach consists of white sand, in fact, these are the smallest fragments of shells, moreover, multi-colored.

The cleanliness here is constantly monitored, the beach is cleaned all the time. Entry into the water is convenient not only for adults but also for small tourists – the bottom is flat and flat.

Another reason for the great popularity of the beach is that it is easy to get to wherever you live in Nha Trang. Modern conveniences are also worth noting: apart from changing cabins, there are toilets and showers. Freshwater is supplied. Lifeguards and doctors are ready to help guests of the resort if necessary.

During a beach holiday, you can afford any kind of entertainment: order a massage – this service is offered all the time on the beach, go boating or water skiing, scuba diving.

Hungry? Cafes and bars are open here. If desired, food and drinks will be brought directly to your sun lounger.

Hon Chong Beach

Hon Chong Beach is located in the small town of Haitien. Usually, those who want to spend their vacation in bliss and peace come here. The place is also conducive to relaxing rest. The snow-white sand feels as soft as silk to the touch, and the water has an unusual shade of bright azure.

There are many small bays around, where, if you wish, you can stay completely alone.

Divers appreciate the local sea: the rich underwater world makes it possible to get vivid impressions during diving, as well as take beautiful photos.

The beach is also suitable for families with children: the entrance to the sea is shallow.

Lovers of romance will appreciate another local attraction: the stones bear the handprint of an ancient magician and his beloved woman. Every local resident will tell you a wonderful legend about them.

Bai Sao beach in Phu Quoc

This beach became famous not only in Vietnam but throughout Asia. It is located on Phu Quoc Island, one of the beautiful islands in Vietnam. The climate here is mild, favorable for recreation, although it is better to come here in the dry season – no earlier than April.

There are also unusually beautiful landscapes here. Lying on the clean white sand, you will not only sunbathe but also admire the surrounding panorama.

It is here that photographs are taken when it seems that a boat or a swimmer is floating in the air. The water is clear, so even without scuba gear, you can see the inhabitants of the underwater world.

The infrastructure is well developed here.

You will be given a rental of sun loungers, scuba diving equipment, a board for riding the waves.

Do you want to take a nap in a hammock? You are welcome.

The restaurants are open until late and offer a wide variety of dishes, and exotic food and drinks can be bought from local vendors.

Da Nang Beach

Belongs to the most beautiful beaches on our planet. The sand here is soft, light in color, and the entrance to the sea is convenient even for the smallest vacationers. You just need to remember that from November to March there are quite large waves.

The beach is always clean, and the cost of renting sun loungers and umbrellas is one of the lowest in Vietnam. At the same time, the visit to the beach itself is free. All the necessary infrastructure – showers, toilets, snack bars – is available.

Local vendors offer vacationers fresh fruits such as coconuts, whose “milk” can be drunk instead of juice. You can also rent a boat or cutter and scuba diver’s equipment.

Beaches of Con Dao island

On this beautiful island, you will find a couple of dozen small beaches, including those with white sand. On some of them, you may find yourself in complete seclusion. Each of the beaches is comfortable for swimming: the entrance to the water is even.

Another feature that will delight children. They will be able to see little turtles that have just emerged from their eggs into the light of God and are making their way to the water. These places will also be interesting for fishermen – the fish always bite well here, you can even catch a squid.

And scuba divers, if they are lucky, will see a rare animal – a sea cow or a dugong. You shouldn’t hunt him, otherwise, you will be fined. But the meeting with the dugong will be remembered forever.

Lang Ko Beach

Surprisingly, this beach is not worth going for a serene vacation. This is a very special place, and it is worth visiting it, first of all, in order to expand your horizons. This is one of the most unusual and beautiful places in the world. High sand dunes create a very special landscape, and the sea is so rich in inhabitants that you may feel like you are admiring a tropical aquarium.

So here you will not just sunbathe but will examine and photograph everything. The infrastructure here is just beginning to develop, but everything you need is already there.

The beaches of Ha Long Bay

Ha, Long Bay is specially marked by UNESCO. The place is absolutely unique. They say that it is here that you can comprehend the soul of Vietnam. Over one and a half thousand islets are scattered throughout the bay.

The South China Sea is always warm, even in winter the temperature does not drop below 24-25 C. But it is still better to come here for a beach holiday from mid-spring to mid-autumn. Otherwise, heavy rains and fog can ruin your holiday. The beaches here are sandy, in many places the sand was poured artificially, so you can be sure of its quality. The width of the beaches reaches 100 m.

All the entertainment you want is included. You can ride a jet ski or slide on the sea surface on water skis. Children will be entertained at this time by animators.

And, of course, sun loungers and umbrellas, cafes and restaurants are all at your service. And also stunningly beautiful nature. Of particular interest are excursion trips to the local islands with visits to caves and water sports.

Diving enthusiasts will be attracted by the rich underwater world of this warm and beautiful bay. And lovers of romance linger on the beaches until dark, admiring the sunsets and the starry sky.

So we figured out what the best beaches in Vietnam are! We hope you enjoy our information.