Best Casino Scenes in James Bond Movies

The famous action-packed James Bond movie franchise is making headlines again as sequel fans celebrate the release of the 24th famous spy movie, 007: Specter. Like other films in the Spectrum series, it was created to impress, “wow” and create that unique extreme atmosphere that only 007 films are capable of.

Amazing visual effects, the booming cast of characters, and an amazing work of an operator — all these make the film stand out and win the hearts of viewers from around the globe. If you are a true fan of the movie, this doesn’t mean that you know all the scenes by heart, right? But we will try to change this situation and talk about movie fragments that may stay unnoticed on your end.

Most Famous Casino Scenes in Movies About Agent 007

Although the main character visits gambling establishments, you will see the casino setting, not in every series of the sequel. This is probably because Ian Fleming, creator of the original book series, made Chemin-de-fer a favourite of Bond’s card game. So where can you actually see the casino in the movie?

#1 — Dr.No (1962)

The very first Bond film tells about his lifestyle: performing dangerous tasks, loving beautiful women, relaxing in warm climates, battling villains, and playing in the casino. The film begins with the viewer seeing when Bond plays by Sean Connery at the fictional Le Cercle casino in London. He plays Nine at the card table. During the game, the man notices a certain lady (Bond’s first girlfriend, Sylvia Trench), who watches him play. He dispassionately opens his cigarette case and introduces himself, saying his famous: “My name is Bond … James Bond.”

#2 — Thunderball (1965)

The fourth sequel movie is the next movie to feature a memorable casino scene. Connery is there again, but this time, he’s playing in a casino in Nassau, Bahamas. In this scene, he again plays a card game against Emilio Largo. The game quickly turns into a battle of wits.

#3 — On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

In this movie, a new actor, George Lazenby, appears for the first time. This is actually where you can see a scene with a casino filmed at the Estoril casino in Portugal. In this scene, The main character meets Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo, who takes risks at the roulette table and needs some help.

#4 — Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Connery returned in the sixth and final Bond film for him. In this movie, he travels to Las Vegas and plays at the craps table in a fictional casino, Whyte House, named after the mysterious owner Willard White. This is the only Bond movie where the hero plays craps and comes off here to the fullest. He not only seduces the beautiful Plenty O’Toole but also wins $65,000.

#5 — The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

In the ninth flick, Bond (this time played by Roger Moore) travels to a Macau casino. He chases Andre Anders, who takes the golden bullets at the gaming house. However, agent 007 does not play in this gaming house. The scene itself was filmed in Macau, an island famous for its gambling houses.

#5 — Skyfall (2012)

In this movie, you will see the most stunning gaming house scene in the history of the franchise. The action takes place at the Floating Dragon gaming house in Macau. Agent 007 (Daniel Craig) plays the addictive game Sic Bo, but the stage is the real gem of the stage.

Besides that, it should be added that the super successful sequel about 007 almost always involves actions related to the gaming house since this emphasizes the toughness of the protagonist and his luck both in performing super tasks and at the gaming table.

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