Best Christmas ham named in top awards comes from butcher in Noosa Queensland

Australia’s BEST Christmas ham for 2019 has been named – as experts reveal their top tricks for selecting the perfect festive pork

  • A butcher’s based in Noosa, Queensland has taken a top award for the best ham 
  • What sets this ham apart from others is the meat is cured by butchers by hand 
  • D’Orsogna’s Australian Jarrah Honey Ham, available at Woolworths, also named
  • Top tips for how to choose a Christmas ham that will wow guests also revealed 

A butcher in Queensland has taken out a top award for the best Christmas ham 2019. 

Noosa Meat Centre beat out 140 other entrants for the honour recently handed out at the Australian PorkMark Ham Awards.

The owners, Stacey and Steve Young, created the award-winning ham using Darling Downs-reared pigs which they hand-cured in-store. 

The awards also recognised hams available at leading supermarkets with D’Orsogna’s Australian Jarrah Honey Ham, on sale at Woolworths, taking a top award.

2019 Australian PorkMark Ham Awards named a butcher’s in Queensland as being the best place to purchase a Christmas ham (stock image)

How to choose a Christmas ham? 

* Look for a natural meaty texture: avoid those that appear wet or rubbery.

* Choose a ham with a good smoky flavour. Ask to taste it.

* Look for smooth, even skin and even colouring. If the knuckle is sunken, it’s overcooked. If the rind if buckled or uneven, it’s a sign of dryness.

* Hams 10-12kg are most likely to have the best flavour and texture due to age of the pig.

* For the best results, opt for fresh Australian pork.


This product is available year-round at the supermarket’s deli counter. 

However shoppers can also purchase special family-sized portions in the lead up to Christmas.

Other national ham winners (bone-in category) were also announced with Andrew’s Choice Smokehouse, Victoria, taking second place and Grey’s Modern Meat Mart, Queensland, third.

Griffin & Morris Village Butchers, Victoria, was named first in the national boneless category, Premier Meats, New South Wales, second and Hunter Valley Meat Emporium, New South Wales, third.

The awards also recognised IGA’s Naturally Smoked Ham as a quality product, presenting it with second place in the ‘Nationally available hams’ category. 

National awards were also dished out to two types of ham stocked in Woolworths and and IGA (stock image)

 National awards were also dished out to two types of ham stocked in Woolworths and and IGA (stock image)

When it comes to choosing a quality ham – and supporting Australian farmers – there are several things to consider.

Mitch Edwards, marketing communications manager at Australian Pork Limited said mostly importantly always look for a product bearing the pink Australian Pork logo.

‘The majority of ham sold in Australia is made from imported pork, so if you’re buying a boneless ham or sliced ham, look for the pink Australian Pork logo.

‘Or ensure the bar chart on the label says it’s made from at least 90 per cent Australian ingredients.’ 

Australian PorkMark Ham Awards 2019 National winners: 

Overall winner: Noosa Meat Centre, Noosa, QLD

Bone in:

1st: Noosa Meat Centre, Noosa, Queensland

2nd: Andrew’s Choice Smokehouse, Laverton North, Victoria

3rd: Gray’s Modern Meat Mart, Toowoomba, Queensland


1st: Griffin & Morris Village Butchers, Berwick, Victoria

2nd: Premier Meats, Tenterfield, New South Wales

3rd: Hunter Valley Meat Emporium, Pitnacree, New South Wales

Nationally available:

1st: D’Orsogna, Australian Jarrah Honey Ham

2nd: IGA Naturally Smoked Leg Ham

Source: 2019 Australian PorkMark Ham Awards.