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When we shift from one country to another then we need the help of cross country moving companies which make our work easy while shifting. Something which we need to take care of while choosing these companies is their reliability, affordability, etc. So, here is a list of such shifting companies that are going to make your shifting easy.

Different cross country moving companies


If you are searching for a reputed and reliable cross country moving company, then Mayflower Transit is all that you need to be in contact with. It’s excellent storage facilities and unbeatable track record makes it the perfect choice for the shifting.


Two men and a truck is an advanced shifting company with shipment tracking GPS. It is the largest franchised moving company in the United States with more than 340 locations and it also has good agents contact and infrastructure to support shifting operations all over the world.


This cross country moving company has accomplished the shifting of thousands of people in the USA. The company’s security level is at a great height which makes it much more reliable for the customers. Not only reliability but also the company is very affordable, which makes it a good choice while shifting.


Bekins is the best choice when searching for shifting companies with a budget. Its ultimate policy emphasizes the savings of the customer and thus, it becomes the most admirable and trustworthy company.


U-Pack Company comes with fast effective services. Unlike other cross country moving companies, this is very speedy and also comes with an insurance policy that proves as a safeguard for your goods and belongings.


· Professionals at their work

If you have large items in your home then being not the trained one you are simply going to destroy it. But if it is being handled by professionals it would easily be done.

· Budget friendly

If you are moving across the country and want to save some money in the shifting process then cross country moving companies are a great aid in such a situation.

· Understands your situation

If you are living with a disability, then even thinking of shifting might fear you. In such a case, hiring a moving company will help you make your process of shifting done.

Budget analysis for shifting

Shifting costs a lot of expenditure but if thought wisely then it would not cause a lot of pressure on your pocket. For saving yourself from the heavy expenditures, here are a few tips for you:-

  • Firstly, look for a cheap yet reliable cross country moving company whose package plans would simply put your burden down.
  • After doing so, choose wisely up to the deal which will make your shifting get possible as per your requirements.
  • Many companies have an average estimation of cost from $300 to $500 depending on the area moved.
  • Once done recheck yourself according to your budget.

Hope this article helps in selecting the best cross country moving company for your next shifting.


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