Best Examples of how AI is already being used in our everyday lives

When we hear the term Artificial Intelligence, the first thing which comes to our mind is usually related to something about robots or some science fiction movie, something like Terminator representing the rise of AI against humanity. Jokes apart, but these things are not even a step towards the current truth about Artificial Intelligence.

AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think and act or mimic like humans in actions. If you have just looked up the term ‘artificial intelligence’ on Google and found your way to this article, you have hopefully gained from AI.

Artificial Intelligence, this word may also be explained as when any device that exhibits traits related with a human mind such as learning, analyzing, understanding, and having a problem–solving skills. The entire tech society is debating about the effects of artificial intelligence, and a piece of AI will take part in molding our future.

While we may expect that AI is at least a few years apart from creating any considerable effects on our lives, the fact remains that it is already having a huge influence on us. If you have ever taken an Uber or auto-correct a misspelled word, you have already used AI.

Artificial Intelligence has nearly impacted all the aspects of our lives in a nearly uncountable number of ways. AI has been impacting our decisions and our lifestyles every day.

The applications of Artificial Intelligence in the real world are possibly more than what people know. In this article, let us look at a few examples that show how Artificial Intelligence saves our energy, time, and money in our day-to-day lives.

The first common and frequently used example is:

Maps and Travel

Most of us are fond of traveling, and we like to travel time and again and have used navigation on an almost daily basis, and it has drastically improved our traveling. Instead of relying on paper maps or printed directions, we can easily use Google Maps or Apple Maps, or Waze on our smartphones and type in our destination. But the question arises how does the application know where to go?

And to add on what is the optimal route, the road barriers and also the traffic blockage? Or do you know whether you use these applications or calling an Uber, or booking a ticket, you are using AI? These applications, along with the other navigation services and with the AI incorporated to give end-users a much more upgraded experience.

And with AI, it will suggest not only real-time traffic but also weather conditions and also ways to avoid gridlocks. With these, they can analyze the speed of the movement of the traffic congestions and the roadblocks and give us ideas for other routes and ways. So in this way, we get other fastest routes avoiding the traffic incidents like construction or accidents.

AI Chatbots

Coming to having a talk with the customer care services as a customer can be stressful as well as time-consuming. And for some corporations, it’s an incompetent department that is generally expensive and difficult to manage. So these days we have the assistants who are virtual and have now become the very product which is held by various different companies.

And these have become one of the progressively in-demand artificially intelligent solutions, also known as AI Chatbots. And these are not only used in the industries but also used in the wide range for house applications to control them. The chatbots have programmed algorithms that allow machines to answer frequently asked queries and also to take and track orders and make direct calls.

To include, for example, we have Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, and they have been gaining demand because of the user experience they provide. And these can do more than just playing your favorite music. It can be used to control the devices at your house, book taxis, make phone calls, order your food, and check the weather conditions, and so on.

Security and Facial Recognition

When coming to security and surveillance, camera monitoring was generally observed by human operatives, and humans are liable to make mistakes due to various reasons. But errors in these kinds of situations can be a dangerous affair. It is nearly impossible for humans to keep a check on hundreds of cameras at the same time.

To avoid these kinds of situations, we can make use of AI. With the advancement in technologies of object recognition and facial recognition, we can use AI for monitoring our security cameras. These AI cameras can also be trained using supervised excises, creating security algorithms, identification protocols, and much more for taking input from the camera.

The AI can detect threats and notify the human security officer about them. And coming to smartphones, the first thing humans do is to reach for their phones and unlock them with their biometrics such as face ID, which is using AI to enable this functionality.

For the best example, we have Apple’s Face ID, which lights up your face and places 30,000 invisible infrared dots on it, and captures the image. All thanks to artificial intelligence.

Social Media

So what’s next after unlocking your phone? Many people first check their social media accounts to feed their curiosity about what’s happening and what has been updated about what had happened overnight. Social Media is one of the major implementations of Artificial Intelligence.

Social Media applications are using the aid of Artificial Intelligence to monitor the content, or suggest connections, or serve the advertisements to specifically targeted users, among many other tasks to make sure that you are invested and plugged in into these social media applications.

And social media has established itself as a necessary element for the current and the next generation. Many people know that the feeds or the post we see on our social media accounts are majorly based on our past history or the post that we relevantly like or see.

So AI algorithms can check and swiftly take down the problematic feeds that are violating the terms and conditions through any keyword or through image recognition. So from analyzing the friend’s suggestions to identifying and filtering out the fake news and stuff, machine learning and big data are playing an important role.

Artificial Intelligence is also used in Snapchat when using facial filters, and they detect your facial expressions and movements, allowing you to add animated effects or digital masks that are adjusted according to their facial movements. Also, when a photo is uploaded on Facebook, you get recommendations to tag your friends who are present in your photo; this is also possible through AI facial recognition.

So Artificial Intelligence takes all your past behavior, the interactions and web searches, and everything you do when you are active on these websites and personalizes the experience for you so that you, again and again, come back and check out your social media. And we bet on this that AI is winning the war against us.

Online Shopping

One of the best examples to explain Artificial Intelligence applications in Online Shopping. Earlier, E-commerce existed, but the functionality and user experience were not that comfortable, which we have now. The search was also not great, we had to enter the exact name of the product, and we didn’t know that then it would be more hectic to get that one.

But now, with the support of AI algorithms, this has been improved. We also have AI giving us smart suggestions with the help of keywords and making it a more effective and user-friendly experience while shopping.

With these kinds of suggestions, reports have revealed that the consumer is more likely to buy the products and overall there is an increment in the sale of the company.

Big Data and Machine Learning are playing an important role in this domain. And through the implementation of AI, the productivity of the marketing sector has been increased by a good graph.

These were the few examples where we have been using Artificial Intelligence in our day-to-day lives without even acknowledging it. Surely, Artificial Intelligence has made our everyday lives much easier and a bit stress-free with the applications it has provided.

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