Best Free Streaming Apps for Android

We live in a world where having constant content streaming on each and every Android, iOS, or Windows device we possess is the new norm. But, with the constant influx of cybercriminals on one side and greedy corporations on the other, it is becoming hard to find good free streaming apps for Android that are both easy to navigate and safe to use.

For quite some time, free trials for streaming services were a great way to attract new subscribers to paid platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus. But, now that most companies have begun eliminating free trials, people are starting to look for free alternatives.

But, Android users should be cautious of malicious apps that may be lurking on the Play Store. Before you download any streaming app you should ensure your safety. Three basic steps you ought to follow are:

  1. Read the App description and reviews
  2. Always update the system
  3. Check app permissions

The third point might sound tedious but is necessary for your security. The issues experienced with the side-loading of the CouchTuner app are the very reason why so many people now are trying to find CouchTuner alternatives they can use instead.

Checking Security when Downloading Free Streaming Apps for Android

Before you go and download a streaming app you should take a look at the permissions the app wants. But, you should be aware that that’s only a basic summary and it doesn’t explain to you how actually an app uses the permission. Don’t worry, because that’s where the ApBrain’s AdDetector comes in handy.

The ApBrain AdDetector is an app that you should download from Play Store, it detects all annoyances and gives you in-depth analyses if a certain app has access to your contacts, accounts, messages, or has ad networks. And, such information can help you decide whether you want to download the app or not.

#1 Crackle

Crackle is one of the most popular free streaming apps for Android used for watching movies and TV shows. This app is totally legal and free to download on Android, iPhone, Roku, Amazon Firestick, and more.

The content on this app loads very quickly and efficiently with no buffering, but it does feature some ads, which in comparison to some other apps it is truly minimal.

If you download this app you will have thousands of content to choose from and even some original Crackle shows, across a variety of genres like comedy, thriller, action, sci-fi, and more.

The strongest suit of this app seems to be in comedy and action categories, and if you think about not downloading this app, keep in mind that it contains Sony movies that you cannot watch legally anywhere else.

Finally, the app updates its content monthly, and even when something is about to be removed you will be notified on time by a countdown note on its listing page.

#2 ShowBox

ShowBox is an online streaming platform and app for watching movies and TV shows. It was originally designed just for Android. But, in the effort to widen the user base, it expanded to iOS, Windows, and Linux as well.

This app is free to install and you can enjoy watching your favourite movies and TV shows in HD. It has numerous features, it’s user-friendly and it gives you the freedom to enjoy the content without having to log in. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about remembering your registration details.

Another perk of this app is that it updates the content on a regular basis and brings new features all the time. And, while there are eyebrows raised for the fact that it uses cookies, that means that you can leave what you are watching and come back later to the moment you left.

Although ShowBox is a great and very popular platform, you must keep in mind that the main source for these movies and TV shows is torrenting, which is considered illegal In most places. So, if you have a problem with that, look for alternatives like Cinema HD.

#3 Cinema HD

Cinema HD is one of the many streaming platforms with an app out there. It is a great alternative to the ShowBox app and well the CouchTuner platform.

It contains the latest movies and TV shows and is focused on Android users. But, it’s also available on platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, and Roku by using a small and simple workaround.

The CinemaHD app has a variety of features for Android users that really stands out. From the name of the app, you can conclude that this app provides high-quality video, as well as a very clean and straightforward user interface.

If you want to ensure your safety it is advised to download this app only from its official website. If you install this app from any other source you can run into some problems.

Finally, the legality of this app varies from each country. But, if you want to make sure that no one is tracking you, then you might want to use a VPN.