Best Internet Connection In Hawaii For Online Gaming

Hardcore gamers in Hawaii are on the constant lookout for the fastest internet with the most stable and reliable connection. Lightning-fast internet isn’t always easy to come by, but for gamers, it’s the ideal package. No hardcore gamer in Hawaii wants to get stuck in the middle of a game that suddenly buffers or loses signal – a lost signal is the worst situation for them.

If you live in Hawaii, internet package you subscribe to, dictates how well you can play online games. Your internet speed also lets you access IoT devices and all of your mobile devices in your network. You also might have household members who want to connect to the internet while you’re playing online — a situation that can drastically slow down your game.

Before you subscribe to an internet plan, such as Spectrum Internet in Hawaii, you should understand what goes into the best internet for your needs. Put differently; you need to know which features to look for in an internet plan.

The Speed You Need For Gaming In Hawaii

Every gaming console and PC has different requirements for internet speed. The major factors in how well your game plays include latency rate, download speed and upload speed. You should also look at your bandwidth and understand how much you’re using and how much you need.

Your download speed is how fast you can download content from the internet. Upload speeds are how fast you can send information through the internet. The latency rate is how long it takes for pages to load and for you to see new content.

For gaming, you need a low latency rate with lightning-fast download and upload speeds.

Multiplayer Gaming in Hawaii

The more devices you have connected to the internet at one time, the slower your internet becomes. This includes multiplayer gaming and having someone gaming while others are streaming on platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

To determine the speed you need for multiplayer gaming, determine how many players you have and multiply the base speed requirement by that number. If your console requires a minimum of 8 Mbps per player and you have four people playing at once, you will need 32 Mbps to avoid buffering and lost signals.

Download and Upload Speeds in Hawaii

Download speed is how quickly you can download digital content onto your device. It is the volume of megabits of data per second required to download data from the server. This can be text, images, Gifs, videos or anything else. Streaming music on Pandora and binge-watching shows on Netflix require fast download speeds.

Your upload speed is how many megabits of data per second you can send from your device to the server. For gaming, rapid upload speed is vital to keep an excellent connection that both gets and gives content to other players.

Latency in Hawaii

A low latency rate in your internet package is essential. Latency rate is the speed at which your device communicates with a server. Latency is noted in milliseconds and it dictates how fast you can load web pages or start the download and upload process. The higher your latency rate, the slower your game is. Low latency rates are ideal for optimal gaming.

How can you improve your speed?

Bandwidth in Hawaii

Choose an internet service provider (ISP) in Hawaii that gives you enough bandwidth to keep your online game going through to the end. High bandwidth also lets you play for hours on end while allowing your family to play their own games or stream TV shows and movies.

Upgrade Your Plan in Hawaii

If your current gaming situation isn’t optimal, you can always call your ISP to upgrade your plan. Service providers like Spectrum offer more than one plan at different speeds. Through Spectrum, you can subscribe to a 100 Mbps, 400 Mbps or 940 Mbps plan.

If upgrading your plan isn’t affordable, you should make sure that your gaming console is the only device online when you’re playing. If you’re using a PC, close all of your background apps and web pages and get rid of unnecessary browser extensions.

Ethernet in Hawaii

One excellent option for diehard gamers in Hawaii is to use a hardwire connection. Use an ethernet cable to directly connect your gaming console or PC to your router for the fastest internet connection your plan allows. A hardwire connection is your best option if you can’t afford to upgrade your plan, but it does come with downsides. For instance, you are limited in where you can set up your console.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Finally, another great option is to upgrade your equipment, which includes your router and modem. If you have outdated equipment, your internet will naturally be slower. You should also upgrade your modem if you’re renting the device from your ISP. ISP modems are notorious for being outdated or slower than they should be.

In the End

If you’re a hardcore gamer in Hawaii, you need to know what type of internet package to purchase and how to optimize your plan to get the speed you need for your game. Gaming consoles and the different games you can play all have different speed requirements, so do research or go straight to the manufacturer to find out what speed you need to keep playing.

Use the other outlined tips to make the best of your internet situation if you can’t upgrade or get the fastest plan available.