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Best microphones for gamers

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Modern gamers prefer headsets that best match the gaming user experience. However, if the user uses high-quality headphones or there is another reason why the headset is not suitable, a person can buy a desktop microphone for gaming. What equipment models in this category deserve attention? We will look at a few examples.

Samson G-Track PRO

G-Track Pro has a plug-and-play connection to Windows and Mac platforms, a cast metal case, a powerful amplifier and a built-in mixer. Here is presented the option of recording audio at a resolution of 24 bit / 96 kHz and a double 25mm membrane. The last one provides the ability to change the user setting between 3 patterns. We also note that the instrumental input and headphone output in the new product are located behind the case. This mic is a new and very convenient solution. G-Track Pro comes with a new stylish stand, mic stand adapter and USB cable.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

An entry-level studio condenser microphone. It provides basic functionality and high sound quality, and it is perfect for undemanding gamers who do not need to perform other tasks. The microphone is presented in a weighty steel case. The outer grill to protect the capsule is characterized by a large thickness. The secondary layer of fine mesh is designed to reduce unwanted overtones, but the pop filter will not hurt.

The microphone does not have directional switches and filters. The 16 mm electret capsule is slightly smaller than the usual size for this kind of microphones. Nevertheless, it is not inferior to analogues in the warmth and integrity of sounding. Despite its simplicity, the absence of directional switches and filters, as well as a moderate cost, the mic has a perfect sound.

Rode NT1-A Bundle

This is a complex solution that contains the hi-end AI-1 USB audio interface and NT1 cardioid condenser microphone, and also pop filter, cables and software package for work vocals, musical instruments in studio or out of it.

The Rode AI-1 is the best interface for recording vocals and musical instruments on user’s Mac or Windows computer. It is equipped with a single Jack input, a pair of balanced Jack outputs and a single discrete level-adjustable headphone output. The device can work in a monitoring mode with no delays, which links the preamp directly to the headphone output jack.

RODE NT1 Microphone is a condenser microphone with a huge dimensions of the body and with a cardioid one-inch HF6 capsule. The device provides mid-frequency response with smooth higher frequencies and juicy lows. The microphone electronics was created to provide pure silent operation. The microphone body contains nickel-plated aluminum, and this is a very durable and stylish solution.


All three microphone models have outstanding sound and reasonable price. Everyone can use these solutions for everyday gaming tasks and chatting with friends. It is worth noting, that there are a lot of other models and niches on the market where an any person can find suitable gamer equipment.