Best Places to Volunteer

Volunteering is very interesting, useful and popular. All over the world today there are thousands of places to volunteer in various fields. Anyone can become a part of the volunteer community.

Besides the public benefit, volunteering will enrich your life. It also provides certain bonuses for further study and work abroad.

Volunteer work abroad is usually free. But, today you can find volunteer programs in which organizers do pay. For example, for accommodation, meals and even leisure for volunteers.

Short Volunteering Options

There are a lot of volunteer programs in various fields. Even the very organization of volunteer programs can be completely different.

Short-term volunteer programs (workcamps) take place all over the world. The duration of such programs is usually 2-3 weeks. Volunteers often pay for their own transportation. But the organizers provide them with accommodation and meals in return for the work done.

These options are ideal for students who want to have an experience living abroad even during the semester. And while you volunteer, will do your coursework for you.

Long Volunteering Options

If you want to do volunteer work abroad for a long time, medium-term or long-term volunteer programs are best for you.

Medium-term programs last from 1 to 6 months, and long-term programs last from 6 to 12 months. You must be an adult to take part in these volunteering options. In most cases, volunteers pay their own tickets and visa fees. The organizer of the program will cover the costs of accommodation and meals.

In these programs, volunteers typically work up to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. They are also provided with travel and home leave.

If you want to volunteer in a really distant country, don’t worry about the money for the tickets. You can get bitcoin loans to fund your trip.

Top 5 Volunteer Places

There are so many volunteering opportunities all over the world – but here are the best of them.


India ranked # 1 on the list of Best Overseas Volunteer Destinations in 2020. This vast and diverse nation continues to attract volunteers. The need for enthusiastic helpers continues to be great.

India’s rapid economic growth has brought progress in many sectors. But the speed of change has also brought a lot of problems. For example, environmental damage, loss of wildlife habitat and polluted, unsanitary cities.

Communities suffer from limited access to housing and clean drinking water. No matter what interests you, there will be a volunteering project for you.


This technologically advanced country has all the modern facilities and infrastructure. But there is still a need for volunteers who can gain valuable insight into Japanese culture, traditions and language.

Volunteers can take part in truly unique activities. For example, assist artisans in local workshops, and learn the craft of traditional drums or pastries. Or work at the Uji tea plantation near the old capital of Kyoto and learn all the elements of the tea making process. In both big cities and rural areas, you can go to local cafes, restaurants and art centers and help real business.

In Japan, with an aging population, there is always a demand for volunteers to help and work in nursing homes. The second most important need is for English language teachers.


Despite being rich in natural resources, Peru still struggles with inequalities in health care and literacy. Cities and countryside welcome volunteers who are ready to help with everything. Volunteering options range from underfunded orphanages to maintaining hiking trails.

Teaching English is a great way to help children in school who don’t have the resources to learn English. And sustainable development projects in the Andes and the Amazon region are only starting to function.

There are several other volunteer destinations that are ready to fully embrace you. From medical care and dentistry to teaching, you can choose anything. You will have the opportunity to learn from experts in your field and gain important skills.

South Africa

South Africa is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Due to the huge variety of languages ​​and cultures, the country’s unofficial name is the “Rainbow State”.

This highly diverse country is looking for volunteers in all sectors. From childcare to research expeditions – there are a lot.

Volunteers can work with children suffering from violence and illness. This helps lighten the burden on childcare centers and schools. Also bringing children to sports camps and after school programs. Community health centers, and small business development programs are also looking for leaders.

If you like the wild beauty of a safari in South Africa, you can work with experienced explorers and guides. They will teach you how to identify mammals, birds and reptiles and collect a variety of animal data. Experts at Karongwe Game Reserve will give you direct guidance on the conservation of South African wildlife.


It may surprise you to have this country listed, but there are many opportunities for volunteers here as well.

Canada’s varied features make it an ideal destination for people who love nature. The programs will allow you to direct hiking, horseback riding, canoeing and even rafting.

You can take part in the day to day small ecotourism activities while enjoying the northern lights and unspoiled mountain ranges. Drive around Canada and organize workshops on environmental and social justice.

There is also community development in the form of after-school clubs for children. Women’s programs, cultural centers and shelters are organisations that need volunteers.