Best Products to Stock for a Clean Washroom

When you run your own business it is vital that employees are happy, healthy and comfortable when at work. The working conditions need to meet those health and safety standards set by law, and this includes providing adequate washroom facilities.

All staff need to have access to a clean, accessible and well-stocked washroom that has the right hygiene products. Below we share the washroom supplies that should be permanently stocked in your workplace hygiene facility.

Soap and soap dispensers

Every commercial washroom needs to provide workers with soap. Bars of soap can be used as and when needed, but liquid soap is easier to use and is much more economical as the pump delivers a measured dose. For an easier way to deliver the soap, you can use a wall mounted pump dispenser.

Toilet roll and dispensers

You should provide toilet roll or toilet tissues. The best way to deliver these is via a holder or dispenser if using tissues. A toilet tissue dispenser is advantageous as it distributes single sheets and prevents cross contamination. Toilet tissue and dispensers can usually be purchased together so that you get the right size and amount of toilet tissue.

Paper hand towels

Although you can supply hand towels for workers, it’s much easier and more hygienic to supply them with paper towels via a dispenser. The paper can be recycled and you’ll save money on those laundry costs.

Female hygiene products and accessories

It is important that women’s washrooms feature sanitary equipment and products. So, this includes sanitary bins, paper sanitary bags for safe and easy disposing into the bins and sanitary products such as tampons and sanitary towels. These can be stacked in a tube or inserted into vending machines.

Bath and shower gel

If your washroom area includes a bath or shower then you should also provide personal hygiene products such as bath and shower gel, and shampoo. These can be purchased in large dispenser bottles, or alternatively, you can use a wall mounted dispenser that you just need to keep topped up.

Hand sanitisers

Although you provide liquid soap via dispensers in the washroom, it’s also a good idea to provide hand sanitiser in addition to the soap. Studies have found that we do not wash our hands properly after using the toilet, so advising your workers to use hand sanitiser provides that extra protection.

Moisturising cream

In a job that involves washing and drying your hands throughout the day, then it’s important that you also provide hand cream. The easiest way to do so is via a dispenser or a large disposable tub with a pump. This will make it part of the hand washing routine when they use the washroom.

Air fresheners

We all like to use a fresh smelling bathroom at home, so why should the workplace be any different. Provide workers with a range of air fresheners, and in addition, you can use automatic dispensers to keep the washroom smelling continuously fresh.

Toilet cleaners, bleach and disinfectant

Every washroom needs to have a continuous stock of toilet cleaners, bleach and disinfectant, for use by workers after they use the washroom, and for regular cleaning purposes by cleaning staff. Ideally, the washroom needs to be cleaned in between use and a thorough clean given once a day.

Terry towels

Finally, if you have bath or shower facilities then it’s a good idea to keep a rolling stock of terry towels. They are quick and easy to wash, dry and are incredibly durable.

So, think carefully about the job that your workers undertake each day and the type of products and accessories that they will need to use in order to stay healthy, happy and comfortable during their time at work.